Do you want more retweets, replies and generally more engagement on Twitter? Well I’m gonna share 7 easy ways for you to get more engagement on Twitter right here. Thank me later.

1. Curate Good Content And Add Your Point Of View


This is probably the easiest way to keep your Twitter page entertaining and not overly promotional. Quote retweet tweets that are already getting engagement and add your own comment or spin on it. Since the tweet was already getting engagement beforehand, it’s very likely that your followers will also engage with it and appreciate the fact that you brought this interesting content to their timeline.

2. Maintain A Balance Of Promotional Tweets And Content That Your Target Market Wants

 Nobody wants to be promoted to all day. Make sure that your time spent on Twitter isn’t purely self-promotional. Aim to put out at least three tweets that are going to entertain, inform or inspire your followers for every two promotional tweets you put out. Do a bit of research on who your target audience is and what they want (your target audience is generally a reflection of yourself, think to yourself ‘would I enjoy this’ before posting).




3. Reply To Tweets, Both From Others And Yourself

Reply to your followers. Don’t try to be an untouchable celebrity, engage with them and get involved in the conversation. This will encourage your followers to mention you more regularly and engage with your tweets.

Replying to your own tweets creates a thread. Anyone who sees this new will also see the tweet you replied to. This is a good way to give a tweet an extra push and give people who missed the tweet before another chance to see it and engage with it.

7 Easy Ways To Get More Engagement On Twitter | Jay Carteré| Jay Cartere|

4. Reply To Your Curated Content With Promotional Content

Replying to your tweet to give it a boost is all good and well, but to imply this strategy more effectively, I suggest you reply to your curated content (any tweets dedicated to entertain, inspire or inform your target audience) with your promotional tweets. This will give your curated content a boost and it will also boost your promotional content. By directly associating your promotional content with something that your followers are predisposed to enjoying, you’ll make your followers more likely to engage with your promotional content because they feel as though they owe it to you.

7 Easy Ways To Get More Engagement On Twitter | Jay Carteré| Jay Cartere|

5. Retweet And Engage With Quote Tweets


When your followers take the time to quote tweet your posts and add their own comment, make sure you retweet and engage with them. This will encourage more people to quote your tweets, which gives you more exposure and it’s a nice, easy way to give back.

6. Tweet Questions To Your Followers, RT And Engage With The Answers


Tweeting questions for your followers to answer is a great way to jump start engagement as it prompts your followers to get involved. After a question is answered, make sure you retweet and/or reply to the answers. This will encourage more people to answer the question as they know they’ll receive exposure to your followers and it’s a great way to build the relationships you have with your followers.

7. Use The Polls Feature


The new polls feature is a great way to get people to interact with your tweets. You can ask whatever you want and then add up to four options for your followers to choose from. What gives polls such a high engagement rate is the fact that voters remain anonymous and you have to vote in order to see the results of the poll. The curiosity of wanting to know what everyone else thinks is a major driving factor in my opinion, and the ease of voting is also very helpful.  

I hope these 7 easy ways to get more engagement on twitter have helped you out in your marketing goals. If you’d rather hire me to help your Twitter profile grow and increase engagement for you, you can contact me and check out my portfolio.

What do you think though? Leave any comments below or talk to me on Twitter.


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