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July 2, 2024

how to post articles on linkedin and rank at the top of google

This article gives you everything you need to know to understand how to post an article on Linkedin that attracts leads and organic traffic.

By the end of this article - you'll discover:

  • How to post an article on Linkedin
  • How to delete an article on Linkedin
  • How to rank at the top of google using Linkedin articles
  • The difference between a Linkedin post and a Linkedin article
  • How to use Linkedin articles to get more views on your content

What's the difference between a Linkedin post and a Linkedin article?

Linkedin posts and Linkedin articles serve 2 different purposes.

But - they're both useful in your Linkedin content strategy.

Here's how they work and why to use them:

Linkedin posts:

how to write a story on Linkedin

This post template is included in my "Lead Generating Post Templates". Click the image to learn more.

[Click here to view this post on Linkedin]

Posts are what you see when you scroll through the feed on Linkedin.

A Linkedin post is like a tweet or an Instagram post.

These posts are shown to your connections and followers.

How to use them:

  • Post daily (4x a week minimum for the most impressions).
  • Keep them short and easy-to-read.
  • Start with a good hook.

People only see the first 3 lines of your post on their feed - so you need to write a great hook/headline that makes them curious enough to click "see more".

Linkedin hook example - linkedin headline example

[Click here to view this post on Linkedin]

Without a good hook/headline - the rest of the content doesn't matter.

Because nobody will see the rest of your content if your hook doesn't grab their attention.

Linkedin articles:

how to use linkedin articles

Articles are like a blog post on Linkedin.

Articles are NOT pushed in the news feeds.

(check your Linkedin feed now, you'll barely see any articles)

So, why post articles?

Here's the answer:

Linkedin articles have great SEO benefits.

It's easier to rank on the first page on Google with a Linkedin article over a blog post on your own website.

how to rank on google with linkedin articles

Because Linkedin is a site with a LOT of authority.

(this goes for YouTube videos too)

You can promote your articles with posts - but you won't get much traffic from Linkedin.

And, you don't need to...

Because this is how you should use Linkedin articles:

  • Write an in-depth blog post on your own website
  • Repurpose most of your blog post as a long-form article on Linkedin 
  • Link to your original blog post from your article - tell people to go to your site to read the rest

This is a SEO hack.

First - you'll get a backlink to your article - helping you rank.

And - because Linkedin articles rank well - you'll push organic traffic to your website.

Writing articles on Linkedin is great for:

  • Getting in-depth on a topic
  • Showcasing your expertise
  • Driving SEO traffic to your website

The best content strategy focuses on 1 social platform and 1 SEO platform.

The good news is - Linkedin covers both platform types if you use it correctly.

How to post an article on linkedin:

1. Click Write article near the top of your homepage

how to start writing articles on Linkedin

2. Select the profile you wanna post the article from (here’s where you can post from a company page if you want). Then click Next

how to post a linkedin article as a company page

3. Click Upload from computer above the title of the article to add a cover image.

how to upload a cover image to your Linkedin article

4. Click the Title field to write the headline of your article.

how to add title to your Linkedin article

5. Write your content in the Write here field.

how to write your linkedin article

6. You have 2 options to add images to your Linkedin article:

  • Drag your image into your article
  • Click the image icon in the toolbar to upload an image
  • Use this tool bar to add links and any other formatting you want
how to add images to your article on linkedin

7. Now you can click the Next button to publish your article - but do this first:

How to use SEO on your Linkedin article and rank on google

1. Click the Manage dropdown button

Linkedin article SEO tutorial

2. Click SEO settings

how to edit SEO settings for Linkedin articles

3. Add a title including the keyword you wanna rank for

4. Add a short description including the keyword you wanna rank for - then click save

SEO title and description for Linkedin article

5. Click the pencil icon to edit an image

how to add alt text to your images for Linkedin article

6. Scroll down and select alt text

where to add URL to your images for Linkedin article

7. Add descriptions of your image - include keyword variations

where to add alt text to your images for Linkedin article

How to get more reach with your Linkedin article

1. Click Next after you’ve written your article

how to publish linkedin articles

2. Write a post that describes the main things your reader will learn in the article - use this simple formula:

how to promote you linkedin article

-  Hook - mention the problem

-  Here’s [article] - mention the main benefit of the article

-  What you’ll learn - list the main takeaways/benefits

- CTA - tell them to “click here to learn more”

7. Click Publish

how to publish your linkedin article

How to edit or delete an article on Linkedin:

1. Go to your Linkedin profile

2. Scroll down to your activity and click articles

where to find your linkedin articles

3. Click show all articles

how to delete linkedin articles

4. Click manage at the top right of your article

5. Select published

how to delete your linkedin articles

6. Click the 3 dots next to the article you wanna delete

how to edit linkedin articles

7. Select edit or delete

how to delete linkedin articles

Now you understand exactly how to post Linkedin articles and rank at the top of google.

But how do you write articles people wanna read?

Read this:

Here are 14 tips for writing Linkedin posts that attract engagement, impressions and leads:

  1. Cut the fluff
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Use storytelling
  4. Use active voice
  5. Use bullet points
  6. Follow the rule of 1
  7. Include a call to action
  8. Your content isn't about you
  9. Keep your Linkedin posts short
  10. Use short sentences & paragraphs
  11. Ask a question to get more comments
  12. Ask “what’s in it for the reader”? Before writing
  13. Publish your linkedin posts at the same time every day
  14. Nobody will read your Linkedin post without a great hook/headline

Want in-depth explanations, examples, and a guide for the tips above?

Click here to read my article on 14 simple tips for writing a Linkedin post that gets leads.

2 weeks of Linkedin post ideas & hooks:

Write 2 weeks of content with these 14 engaging Linkedin content ideas & hooks:

  1. [x] habits I use to [get benefit]
  2. The [x] [your service] tools I can’t live without
  3. I helped a [your ICP] [get benefit] in [time frame]
  4. Stop trying to [common advice] - do this instead:
  5. How to [get benefit] while [avoiding common pitfall]
  6. How to never [activity your ICP wants to avoid] again
  7. This easy [x]-step formula got me [result] without [pain]
  8. [unexpected group] are the best [at skill your ICP wants]
  9. [x] ways I [got benefit] by [specific amount] in [timeframe]
  10. [x] steps to [get benefit] with [your service] without [effort]
  11. [x] fatal mistakes stop [your ICP] [get benefit] with [your service]
  12. [x] questions you need to ask before [implementing your service]
  13. I worked with [your ICP] to [get benefit] in [x time] - here’s what I did:
  14. If you don’t understand [your service] - this post makes it easy for you

Want 74 Linkedin post ideas and hooks (with examples)?

Click here to get your 74 Linkedin post ideas & hooks (with examples)

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