Freelance Direct Response Copywriter, SEO/Content Marketer & Personal Branding Strategist

Using direct response copywriting, content marketing + personal branding to build your authority and inbound leads.

Here's how I can help you:

Good content makes people trust you.

Good SEO practices make people find you.

Good personal branding makes people like you.

Good copywriting stops people scrolling and makes them focus on you.

Combining all of the above creates a personal brand that builds your authority and gets you inbound leads on auto-pilot.

When people find you, like you and trust you - they’re ready to follow you, tell their friends about you and buy from you.

That’s where I come in:

I'm a freelance direct response copywriter, SEO/content marketer & personal branding strategist.

This means I can help you:

  • Build a sales funnel that converts your target audience into engaged leads
  • Build an authoritative personal brand your target audience identifies with and trusts
  • Create content that reaches your target audience and makes them trust and follow you
  • Use human psychology and clear copywriting to persuade followers to become engaged leads
  • Drive organic traffic to your website and products by ranking on the first page of Google and/or YouTube
  • Develop an effective content marketing strategy across social media platforms to grow your brand while driving conversions and sales

I use direct response copywriting, content marketing + sales funnels to grow your authoritative personal brand that brings you inbound leads while you sleep..

I love getting deep in the data - researching keywords, analysing metrics and stats to create engaging content and sales funnels that gives your customers exactly what they’re looking for and persuades them to take action.

I've used my expertise to:

  • Create a full-time-income from my own business & brand (
  • Generate thousands of sales using organic content marketing
  • Achieve 7.41% conversion rate on my sales pages
  • Achieve lead generation opt-in rate of 51.31%
  • Generate 410.1 million organic views online
  • Gain 70,084 subscribers on YouTube
  • Gain 16,564 followers on Twitter

The best part is - now I'm using my skills & experience to help you grow your brand and inbound leads.

But - don't take my word for it:

See my skills in action:

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The advice and action plan that I received from Jay Cartere is invaluable.

My coaching session was such an eye opening experience on how to grow my YouTube channel because Jay has a way of explaining complex information in a concise, meaningful, easy-to-understand way.

In as little as 2 days, I have started seeing results from following the action plan that Jay designed for my channel.

I highly recommend his services.

Adrienne Elle

Content Creator

Jay’s coaching really helped to clear a path and see the direction I want to go with my channel!

He helped me figure out goals for my channel, and gave me steps to get there.

Our conversation was motivating, and it reminded me of why I started Youtube, which is to pass on knowledge to people who need it.

I now have the tools and resources to continue to grow, and also have more knowledge on how to create a business from my channel.

I can’t wait to book another session to learn more!

Winstone Crandon

Content Creator

Jays’s YouTube coaching helped me a lot.

At first when i was at around 20 subscribers and 1-3 views a stream, I didn’t have a clue how to bring people to my channel but Jay explained about SEO and ranking higher in search engines - now I’m bringing 30-40 people a stream.

I've got 400 subscribers in three weeks with Jay's help!

Michael Chester

Content Creator

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