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March 27, 2022

There’s one thing that I see many “artists” not doing that guarantees they’ll never see any success.​

It’s crazy…

Even when ​I try my best to help artists like you.

By making free videos, premium courses, writing emails.

All to help you be an better artists that can actually make a living from your art…

This one thing is shooting you in the foot and keeping you from your goals.

Can you guess what it is?

Here’s the answer:

Not releasing music!

I’ve seen so many people with “artist” in their bio on social media that don’t even have a song available for anyone to listen to.

How can you call yourself an “artist” with a straight face when nobody can experience your art?

If this is a hobby for you, that’s fine.

But you shouldn’t publicly claim you’re an “artist” if you don’t have any art available to the public.

If you do this, you’re a fraud.

Plain and simple.

Here’s the interesting thing:

Since I returned from my break from music I’ve released over 100 beats and 3 songs.

One thing I haven’t released is:

An excuse!

Most upcoming artists have a long list of excuses but no songs in their catalogue…

It’s SAD!

If you claim to be an “artist” you MUST release music!

You can’t wait until your single is PERFECT… (it NEVER will be)

You can’t wait until the right time… (it won’t arrive)

You can’t wait and rely on anybody else… (you need to take your career into your OWN hands or you won’t have one!)

The most important thing that’s allowed me to make music and release songs consistently is:

Vertical integration.

What’s vertical integration?

It’s when you control the supply/production chain of your product.

It’s when you don’t need to wait on 3 other people to get a single released because you can handle it all yourself.

It’s when your career really is YOUR career…

I produce, write, record, mix, master & distribute my songs.

I create the artwork.

I create the promotional material.

There are no roadblocks in my way because I’ve gathered the skills I need to get rid of them.

And you can do this too.

You don’t have to be another fraudster claiming to be an artist but NEVER releasing any music.

You can take your career into your own hands today…


The first step is discovering how to produce your own songs.

When you can produce your own songs, you don’t need to wait months for a producer to get back to you and send you those stems.

You don’t need to get your wallet out and cough up the money for a beat license every time you wanna release a single on Spotify.

When you can produce your own songs, you put yourself in position to make more music with less roadblocks…

Here’s the good news:

For a limited time, you can claim $50 off my new “Foolproof Formula For Rnb Trap Production In FL Studio” course.

This course will give you the keys you need to make your own beats from scratch, FAST…

Inside this new course you’ll discover:

  • The single fastest, easiest and best way to understand music theory (Module 3)
  • The perfect way to start your beat (this works even if you have NO inspiration. Module 4)
  • The sneaky tricks Grammy-nominated producers use to make beats FAST (Module 2)
  • The secret melody hack you can use to create BEAUTIFUL melodies even if you have beat block (Module 4)
  • How to structure your beats like a real song (Module 6)
  • The truth about mixing your beats (discover how to mix your beats properly without making it complicated. Module 6)

And that’s not all…

When you pre-order this course today, you’ll get:

  • INSTANT access to Module 1 to 4 of the course
  • My RnB Trap Beat Mixing Template (Worth $30)
  • My personal RnB Trap Drum Kit (Worth $30)

That’s over $60 of goods already, and that’s not counting the video course itself!

You’re getting all of this (and more) for only $47 if you order today.

You’ll also get early access to the other Modules when I upload them, so you can experience this new course before anyone else…

(The rest of the course will be edited and uploaded this week)

The full course will be released on May 15th at the FULL PRICE of $97.

Don’t miss your chance to save $50 and get in early!

This isn’t for the fraudsters claiming to be “artists” who’ll never release a song…

Why is this deal so crazy? There must be a catch, right?


​I know how difficult it can be as a starving artist tryna make ends meet.

I was in the exact same position a few years ago…

So, I wanna help go-getters who are gonna put the work in…

Because nobody helped me!

This deal is for SERIOUS, ambitious artists only.

The type of artist who wants to take their career into their own hands instead of being at the mercy of others.

Is that you?

If it is, here’s the link to get inside and claim your spot:

I’ll see you inside!

All the best,

Jay “Editing The Course” Cartere

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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