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March 26, 2022

​You ever get annoyed that you DON’T have a body like the main actors in superhero movies or action films?

You know them scenes when they take their top off and their abs seem to be chiseled out of marble and that…

Well, I do.

Not majorly annoyed, mind you.

Like, this doesn’t make me actively upset…

(I’m not an insecure mess, luckily)

But, I want abs chiseled out of marble too!

So I’ve been working on that…

While working on creating content for you on my YouTube channel, making music and my new music production course (out very soon btw).

I’ve been consistently working out in the mornings, 4 times a week since the start of the year.

But, the thing that has been holding me back is:

My mediocre diet.

One thing this virus has helped me with is cutting most snacks out of my diet…

(I miss pringles 🙁 )

I recently uploaded a video revealing how this global pandemic has affected my life.

(short version: it hasn’t affected me much)

The main thing that’s changed is how hard it is to get food shopping…

I was gonna commit to eating rice & gravy or jacket potato every day (like I did back when I was poor).

But, something amazing happened:

I realised that there are a BUNCH of small businesses that will deliver meat or fruits & veg to your door!

So, fxck the supermarkets and their long ass wait times!

You can also get stuff like powdered eggs from Amazon, these have an insanely long shelf life etc.

So I’m good! And you’ve just learned a killer tip for surviving without leaving your yard!

You’re welcome and I appreciate the applause…

So what does this mean for my diet?

It’s improved dramatically!

Because now I have a fridge full of fruit and veg…

And a freezer full of meat…

So, I’m FORCED to cook more, or to see my food (which isn’t cheap) go to waste!

And the crazy part is:

I’ve started to ENJOY cooking again!

For a while, I only cooked because I HAVE to.

(I live alone so if I wanna survive, I’ve gotta get in the damn kitchen.)

Now I’m enjoying the process of learning new things, trying to cook stuff I’ve never cooked before and enjoying the fruits of my labour…

As I’m writing this, I’m sipping on some coffee (I didn’t make that from scratch) and nibbling on some pistachio and oat cookies I whipped up yesterday.

Anytime I want a snack, I’ve gotta go and MAKE it from scratch…

Which is actually fun stuff.

But, I won’t lie – I made some absolutely disgusting cookies last week. 

But that was because I used some bland AF coconut oil that doesn’t seem like it was supposed to be used for baking.

(even though it says you can bake with it on the label)

The new coconut oil that arrived yesterday is WAY better. 

And I’m looking forward to baking some banana bread when my bananas are ripe enough…

I might whip up some carrot cake today when my bakeware set finally gets here too.

My point is:

Small changes can make a BIG difference.

I stopped looking at cooking as a way to survive (although it still is).

I started looking at it as a way to thrive and get superhero abs.

And now I’m having a blast when I cook.

I even learned how to make soup like the kind I used to eat at my Auntie’s house when I was a young g and times were simpler…

I’m defo gonna come out of this as a better man.

With better recipes.

And a better body…

Speaking of small things making big differences:

Something you NEED to know to make better songs is how to mix your ad libs…

And, there’s good news!

I just released a video that shows you exactly how I mix my ad libs for my songs.

Click the link below and watch the video now:

Stay safe!

All the best,

Jay “Head Chef” Cartere


If you don’t have ORIGINAL music, you CAN’T take advantage of most opportunities out here…

You can’t upload your music to streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music etc.

Unless you don’t mind being hit with a nasty copyright notice…

The fact is, you NEED the rights to use the beats in your songs and free beats you find on YouTube won’t cut it.

What’s the best way to do that?

The answer: Make your own beats.

This way there’s no confusion about who owns the copyright to your song because YOU made it from scratch.

Oh, you don’t know how to make your own beats?

Here’s the solution:

For a limited time, you can claim $50 off my new “Foolproof Formula For Rnb Trap Production In FL Studio” course.

This course will give you the keys you need to make your own beats from scratch, so you don’t have to pay a producer every time you wanna release a new song…

Inside this new course you’ll discover:

  • The single fastest, easiest and best way to understand music theory (Module 3)
  • The perfect way to start your beat (this works even if you have NO inspiration. Module 4)
  • The sneaky tricks Grammy-nominated producers use to make beats FAST (Module 2)
  • The secret melody hack you can use to create BEAUTIFUL melodies even if you have beat block (Module 4)
  • How to structure your beats like a real song (Module 6)
  • The truth about mixing your beats (discover how to mix your beats properly without making it complicated. Module 6)

And that’s not all…

When you pre-order this course today, you’ll get:

  • INSTANT access to Modules 1 to 4 of the course
  • My RnB Trap Beat Mixing Template (Worth $30)
  • My personal RnB Trap Drum Kit (Worth $30)

That’s over $60 of goods already, and that’s not counting the video course itself!

Also, you’ll get early access to the other Modules when I upload them, so you can experience this new course before anyone else…

(The rest of the course will be edited and uploaded this week)

The full course will be released on May 15th at the FULL PRICE of $97.

So don’t miss your chance to save $50 and get in early!

This deal is for SERIOUS, ambitious artists only.

Is that you?

If it is, here’s the link to get inside and claim your spot:

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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