Here's a new way to Make FIRE RnB Trap Beats For Your Songs 

In FL Studio(From SCRATCH)  WITHOUT Having To Pay Big Bucks, Or Waiting MONTHS For A Producer To Reply

Revealed on this page…

  • How I made 100 beats in 6 months (you can do this too when you discover my secret).
  • The reason why watching YouTube tutorials can leave you feeling confused, lost and not knowing where to start...(and how to fix this!)
  • The ONE thing you need to make FIRE RnB trap beats from scratch...(this secret formula works every single time)

Right now is the BEST time to be a musician…


Well, according to Statista:

Music streaming revenues in the U.S. reached over $7.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018…

That’s billion with a B!

And that’s not all…

The IFPI reports that 70% of all digital music money in Europe was from paid subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music.

In fact, digital revenues now account for more than half (58.9%) of the global recorded music market...

And total streaming revenues went up by 34.0% in 2018.

The pot keeps on growing...

And, you have an opportunity to get a taste of the action...

Because, the fact is:

Streaming has put artists like us in a great position to earn money from our music and make a living without needing a record label (or needing anyone else).

You can create an empire from the comfort of your bedroom, using your laptop and iPhone (or android phone if you’re an alien pretending to be human - I see you).

And, you can do this all by yourself…

You can have complete control of your music career...

If you can make your own beats.

Because you can’t just use any old "free" beat you find on YouTube…

...Then record a song and upload it to Spotify etc...

No no no!

That’s how you end up in big trouble.

That’s called copyright infringement.

You MUST have the rights to use and monetise the beats you use for your songs…

Unless you never want a real music career...

And, this is just an expensive hobby for you...

So, you have 2 choices if you wanna make money from your music:

  1. Pay a bunch of money to producers (every time you make a song, you’ll need to get out your credit card and spend some money - either by buying beats or hiring a producer to work with you - and finding someone reliable is harder than finding a needle in a haystack!)
  1. Learn how to make your own beats (cutting out the middlemen and giving you the freedom to make as much music as you want!)

If you’re reading this, you’re an artist that wants to make your own beats. 

You wouldn’t mind selling a few beats online too...

You wanna make good, scratch that, GREAT music and I know how to help you get there.

So, if you don’t know where to start with making beats… 

If you can’t afford to pay big bucks for a beat every single time you wanna release a new song… 

If you’ve spent hours trying to make beats but all you’ve got to show for it is some hot GARBAGE you can’t even write songs to… then this message is just for you. 

Here’s why:

You can create FIRE RnB trap beats for your songs by following an easy-to-follow, step-by-step formula.

This formula is based in music theory, so it works every single time.

And you need to understand, there’s a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when they try to make their own beats is:

  • Watch hours of music production tutorials on YouTube…(maybe you’ve seen a few of mine?)

  • Mess around in FL studio and hope for the best…(using the tedious process of trial and error)

  • Realise music production isn’t as easy as they hoped...and they give up...

  • Go to college/university and pay BIG BUCKS for little practical information…

But for most people, none of that works. 


Let me explain:

  • YouTube videos can be great but they lack a clear structure and roadmap. You watch videos from different creators, learning different tips (and contradictions!). You end up finding yourself overwhelmed and confused about where to start...
  • Messing around in FL studio is a good way to learn by actually doing stuff. But, it’s painfully SLOW (like slug racing). Trial and error is a slow and frustrating way to learn anything. It’s easier, faster and a much better experience when you have a proven guide or path to follow.
  • The truth is, most people give up when things get tough… If you give up, you’ve lost. And, you haven’t truly lost until you’ve given up. You’re here, reading this - so you haven’t thrown in the towel yet...that’s good!
  • Listen, I went to University to study music production. 

    I get it. 


    Was it worth the over £9,000 (per year) it cost me? 


    Was it worth the (almost) 2 years of my life it cost me? 



    Not even close.


    Scraping by on a student loan that barely covers my bills…


    Stressing about completing assignments instead of actually working on my music career…


    But it wasn’t all bad:


    I did learn about EQing, some mixing and the basics of music theory.


    Thing is, it took almost 2 years to get there…


    And over £9,000!!!


    (It would cost you MORE right now, and it's not NEARLY worth the 9k+ I paid)


    You don’t wanna go through that…


    I could’ve learned everything I learned at university in one focused evening. 


    And, so can you…


    I’ll reveal exactly how in a moment. 

And, what happens if you just do nothing

If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? 

If you’re lucky - you upload one of your crappy beats and people laugh at it so hard it becomes an embarrassing meme on Twitter…

(Have you seen the Cassidy beat-making memes?? I wouldn't want that to be me… what about you?)

If you’re not lucky, you stop trying to make beats completely because it was too hard… 

You use free beats you find on YouTube and you NEVER make any money from your music. 

You slink back into your desk at work and become a bitter, starving artist...

Like most people...

But, you're not like most people, are you?

You want more for yourself, don't you?

How I Made 100 Beats In Less Than 6 Months

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: 

First of all, hey, I’m Jay Cartere.

I’m a music producer, rapper and entrepreneur.

I produce, write and engineer all my own songs...

I can put out a song whenever I want...

how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio

I don't have to ask or rely on anyone but myself.

But, it wasn't a smooth journey here...

Not at all.

In June 2016, I was forced to take a serious break from making music for the first time in 13 years…

After 6 mixtapes, 2 EPs and countless music videos...I was still a starving artist.

It was getting harder and harder to find good (free) beats online…

So I decided to focus on building businesses that would pay my bills.

That went pretty well, now my bills are always paid in full.

So far, so good.

But, then something interesting happened:

In 2019, I had an epiphany...

I knew I wanted to focus on music again...

To use what I've learned over the years and apply it to the music business...

And, most importantly, to create great songs that I love.

At the end of June, I started producing and writing again...

Things were going well.

I spent HOURS watching tutorials on YouTube…


Taking notes...

(learning about creating melodies, mixing, drum programming - you name it, I researched it)

I spent HOURS practicing in FL studio…

I ended up making more than 10 beats...

But there was a problem:

My beats were WACK.

Mediocre at best.

These were NOT the hits I was dreaming of making when I decided to become a “super producer”.

The beats were too cluttered…

It was hard to write songs to my beats because there wasn’t enough space to express myself and record vocals…

And my sound selection was straight trash.

Then, everything changed...

I decided I needed to focus on getting better at producing before I focused on making songs, but not just that...

I set myself a wild target...

I had to upload 100 beats to my beat catalogue by the end of January 2020.

After setting that target, I spent many long days mixing and mastering...

I spent many long days producing beats and finishing old projects...

From before the sun shined through my window and reflected off my whiteboard...

...Until the darkness that filled my room forced me to turn on the lights...

I was working.

Did I hit the target?

You’re damn right I did.

I hit my goal of 100 beats about halfway through January.

That’s over 100 beats produced in under 6 months…

But, the truth is:

I have a secret weapon that made this possible.

And, I couldn’t have hit my goal without it...

I’ve got a secret formula that helps me make RnB Trap beats FAST and consistently

Even when I’m not inspired...

Even when I don’t know where to start...

And, the best part is:

This secret formula can be applied to making Trap, RnB and Pop beats too!

Because this secret formula blends all 3 of these genres together to create smooth, ambient AND hard-hitting beats.

The beats made with this formula are clean and spacious so it’s easy to write and record songs over them...

After using this secret formula to pump out over 100 FIRE rnb trap beats like minimum-wage servers flipping Big Macs, it hit me...

“What if I could share this secret formula with other artists and producers?”

What if I showed them EXACTLY how to create a RnB trap beat in FL studio from scratch?”

“What if I could guide them through this step-by-step formula they can use to create FIRE beats whenever they want, without having to hire or wait on a producer for months?”

Sounds good, right?

That’s exactly how I created the:

“Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio”

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

This method was totally amazing, easy to follow and has built my confidence by far.

I bought the Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio.

I didn't have any big concerns when buying this course.

This course is so far so good but I would like more Information on cord inversion. Needed more explanation on this .

The one thing I liked most about this product was it's easy to follow and great quality.

Three other benefits of this product are Jay's very friendly and he gets to the point on the things straight away.

Nothing like most youtube tutorials that take forever and are long winded. This is the way to go if you are starting out like me.

I would recommend this course to other artists because it's well constructed and easy to navigate the whole process.

I've had dyslexia all my life and found learning music very tedious and hard to understand.

This method was totally amazing, easy to follow and has built my confidence by far.

Melvin Beginner producer

Here’s what being able to produce my own RnB Trap beats did for me:

I can create spacious beats for my songs, that give me enough space to write and record amazing songs, whenever I want…

I can upload buckets of beats to my beat catalogue and sell them online…

I never have to wait for a producer to send me the stems I need or reply to the message I sent him 3 weeks ago…

I now have FULL CONTROL of my music...I don’t need to rely or wait on anyone!

I have a whole catalogue of beats I can choose from when I wanna make a song…

...or I can make a beat from SCRATCH in an hour if I want to...

And, it’s not just me. 

Some of your favourite artists make their own beats too!

Do you recognise any of these producer/artists?

  • Russ
  • J Cole
  • Labrinth
  • Pharrel
  • Mac Miller (RIP)
  • Charlie Puth
  • James Blake
  • Kanye West

Guess what?

All of these artists have produced their own beats…

(More than one of them even make a comfortable living from producing!)

If you’ve ever suspected - like most ambitious artists I know - that it IS possible to make your own FIRE beats you can write songs to…


You now have proof it’s true.

What is RnB Trap?

Confused about what "RnB Trap" means?

That's no problem, let me explain...

Watch the video above for a full breakdown of what RnB Trap is, explained thoroughly and clearly...

Read below to get the short version:

RnB trap is basically music with rnb, trap and pop elements.

RnB Trap beats usually have these elements:

  • Chord progressions
  • 808s
  • Hi hat rolls

The tempo can be slow or fast. It usually ranges from 120 BPM to 160BPM.

The slower tempo beats are more suited to rnb singers while the faster beats are more suited to singing rappers.

You can straight up rap on these beats too.

The melodies in these beats are ambient and in the background so the vocal performance can shine in the front.

This makes sure there's always space for the artist and makes it easy for you to write songs...

I like to use pads and ambient bell type instruments for these beats.

The bass is usually hard hitting and sometimes even disrespectful.

A synth bass is a common culprit in these beats. Usually in a breakdown or prechorus.

Can’t I Learn This For Free Online?

Sure, you could go searching on YouTube, Google and other sites to try to piece together all the information you get here.


There’s a lot of good quality free stuff out there.


I’ve personally uploaded over 63 free videos on my YouTube channel that will teach you how to make beats for your songs and make great music.


But, it could take you months...or years... for you to find EVERY piece of information you need to take you from A to Z.


And I haven’t seen any artists showing you how to make RnB Trap beats for your songs from scratch…




In a simple, easy-to-understand way...


That’s a big reason why I started sharing this information and my experiences with you.

This is also my personal formula for making FIRE beats, so you can't find it anywhere else.


And it gets worse:


It could take you years (like it took me) to use trial and error to find out which things ACTUALLY work for YOU.


The sad truth is not all of the information you find out there is good. 


Not all of it is proven.


Another problem is people usually don’t ACT on FREE information…


You’ve spent hours consuming FREE information already. Ask yourself:


How much of it have you ACTUALLY used consistently?

And, it’s not your fault…


“Free” platforms like YouTube make their money by keeping you on there.

By showing you ads…


By collecting data about the videos you wanna watch…


They don’t want you to watch a beat making tutorial and then make a beat…




They want you to watch more videos…


They want you to watch that 73 min long interview with a famous music producer…


And you wanna watch it too.

(me too tbh!)


They know you well…


The distractions don’t stop there…


More “suggested” videos…


More hours GONE…

More beats not made…


Not the best learning environment, right?


Hear me loud and clear:


If you don’t wanna spend years going through the trial and error process like I did...


If you don’t wanna search the internet spending HOURS trying to find PROVEN advice that ACTUALLY works...


If you don’t wanna waste even more time trying to piece together the information you need to succeed (and avoid using information that's TRASH)…


If you don’t want to be stuck with a ton of information but no CLEAR DIRECTION to go in...


This course is for YOU.


The “Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio” will drastically shorten your learning time because you’re following a PROVEN FORMULA that works…


With EVERYTHING that you need to know in ONE convenient place you can access whenever you need to…

Without distractions, so you can learn and start making beats immediately...


If you’ve read this far, it’s obvious you’re a serious artist who isn’t willing to give up on your dreams because it’s too difficult and expensive to get good beats for your songs.


You know you can have more than that and you WANT it.


So, let me help you on your journey to make great music!

Now, if you wanted to hire me to teach you the information included in this course, 1 on 1, that’d cost you $250 an hour, minimum

I’m not gonna charge you that today.

Not even close to that.

In fact, you can get access to this full course for less than the price of your Netflix subscription for a year…

Less than the price of FL Studio 20…

Less than the price of a year at college/university...

 (I spent over £9,000 to learn a FRACTION of what you’ll discover in this course)

Less than you’ll spend on food this month…

Because, you can get full access to this course for only $97...

If you're serious about making your own beats, you'll join this course right now before the price goes up...

And, the best part is:

This isn’t only a bargain that will stop you from wasting hundreds of hours fumbling around in FL Studio like a headless chicken…

It’s also 100% safe to try this course out.

I guarantee it.

Make Beats Or Your Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’re protected by my 100% unconditional “Make Beats Or Your Money Back” guarantee.


And it’s more than a guarantee - it’s my personal promise.


Take a full 90 days and work your way through all the elements of the course.


Create beautiful beats for your songs and take your skills to the next level...


If you’re not surprised and delighted by this foolproof formula for making beautiful beats, just email me within 90 days and I’ll give you all your money back promptly and courteously.


I’m taking a risk by doing this.


I can’t make you give the course back. I can’t make you forget everything you learn from the course when you join.


So, you could just binge watch the course, make FIRE beats with my foolproof formula, discover how to make your songs sound 100x better, then ask for a refund and rip me off - but I’m gonna trust that you’re not gonna do that to me!


And you take no risk at all.

Jay Cartere

how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio

Finally, It’s Your Turn

Here's what's included:

The “Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio” is a complete, 100% comprehensive online learning-and-doing course that not only teaches you how to make a RnB Trap beat from scratch for your songs (or to sell online)... but it also helps you get it done while you learn.

You work at your own pace, in your own home (or anywhere you like) – go as fast or as slow as you want.


The techniques, secrets, kits and templates inside are yours to keep and use in your music immediately.


You can watch the course using your laptop, computer or mobile.


(But you SHOULD watch it on your laptop/computer with NO DISTRACTIONS, ready to take notes and take action!)

For your One-Time investment, you get LIFETIME ACCESS...

When you join the “Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio” course today, you’ll discover:

  • The single fastest, easiest and best way to understand music theory (Module 3)
  • The perfect way to start your beat (this works even if you have NO inspiration. Module 4)
  • The sneaky tricks Grammy-nominated producers use to make beats FAST (Module 2)
  • The secret melody hack you can use to create BEAUTIFUL melodies even if you have beat block (Module 4)
  • How to structure your beats like a real song (Module 6)
  • The truth about mixing your beats (discover how to mix your beats properly without making it complicated. Module 6) 

This all comes as part of the 26+ (step-by-step) videos you’ll gain access to inside the course.


You’ll also get the same FL studio templates and RnB Trap drum kit I personally use to make all my music.


But, there’s more:


I’ll also be in there answering any questions you have under each lesson.


And, I’ll be keeping the course updated so you always have access to the most up-to-date information to create FIRE beats.


This is the ONLY course for artists who want to make their own RnB Trap beats from scratch in FL studio 20.

An Overview Of Each Module You Will Get In The Course:

fl studio rnb trap beat making course
  • Better than YouTube videos: Why you’ll love this course
  • How to get the most out of this course so you can produce great beats ASAP
  • Everything you need to make FIRE beats, fast
  • How to use your bonus RnB Trap Beat Template and Drum Kit the right way
  • What is RnB Trap? Explained and Answered Clearly!
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • Do you know how to use FL studio properly? (Discover the best way to use FL Studio and figure it out)
  • The sneaky tricks Grammy-nominated producers use to make beats FAST
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • The single fastest, easiest and best way to understand music theory
  • The truth about chords
  • The secret plugins and VSTs I use to make my beats sound 10x better
  • How to choose the right tempo/BPM for your beat
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • The perfect way to start your beat (this works even if you have NO inspiration)
  • The secret melody hack you can use to create BEAUTIFUL melodies even if you have beat block
  • Shrek’s sneaky trick for making professional RnB Trap Beats…
  • The secret to creating jaw-dropping counter melodies without adding a single new note (this will blow your mind!)
  • Worried about making beats that sound the same? (you won’t worry anymore after this)
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • Do you make these mistakes when adding your drums? (if you do, get ready to have your drums bouncing and smacking!)
  • The dirty truth about drum programming (hint: it’s not what you think it is!)
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • How to structure your beats like a real song
  • The truth about mixing your beats (discover how to mix your beats properly without making it complicated)
  • Make your beats sound silky-smooth and freshly-poured-coffee-warm with these mixing secrets
  • How to master your beat and get it ready for release
how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
  • Where should you upload your beats?
  • The best way to export your beats  
  • How to create high-quality artwork for your beat in minutes
  • How to upload your beat to Beatstars
  • How to upload your beat to YouTube

And, that’s not all...

In addition to everything above, if you act now you'll also get access to these bonuses...

These bonuses will help you get your music heard and make FIRE beats FAST!

BONUS MODULE: How To Get Your Music Heard

(Retail Value: $87)

These videos will give you the keys you need to get your music heard by more people...

  • Are you making these YouTube mistakes and shooting yourself in the foot? (Discover how to really get your music heard by more people)
  • These YouTube promotion secrets will never be outdated

RnB Trap Beat Mixing Template For FL Studio

(Retail Value: $30)

Download this FL studio template to get your beats sounding FIRE and mixed FAST!

  • Use the same template I open every time I make a beat
  • Use this template and your beat will be half-mixed before you even start making it
  • Spend less time mixing and more time making beats
  • Get the exact same effects and presets I use to mix my own beats (no more fiddling around trying to figure out what effects you need to use) 
  • This template comes with the exact plugins I use for all my beats but I'll give you a stock plugins version too (if you don't wanna buy more plugins right now, the stock version of this template is for you)

My Personal RnB Trap Drum Kit (Retail Value: $30)

Download and use the same drum samples I use to make all my songs!

This is a collection of my favourite sounds with my super-secret mixing sauce on top...

  • 8 808s
  • 8 Kicks 
  • 5 Claps
  • 6 Snares
  • 7 Hi-Hats
  • 7 Rims
  • 13 Percs
  • 6 Open Hats

Access to my private Discord server 
(Retail Value: $97 a month)

Being an independent artist can be a lonely road...

One of the biggest reasons people quit music is because of a lack of motivation and support. 

In this Discord server you'll become part of a welcoming community of ambitious artists who you can connect, collaborate and chat with.

So you can build your dream with a team.

When I launch the full membership program, it'll cost at least $57 a month...

And it'll be worth much more than that...

  • Have your burning questions answered by me and other members of the community.
  • Connect and collaborate with me and fellow ambitious artists like you.
  • Share your journey, milestones and experiences with like-minded people.
  • Join a supportive community that will leave you inspired and motivated to take action.

5 UNLIMITED Beat Licences For Your Next Singles 
(Retail Value: $1249.95)

This course gives you the tools you need to make your own beats from scratch...

But that doesn't mean I can't give you a head start on creating your next singles!

  • Get UNLIMITED rights to 5 of my best Rnb Trap beats (no limits, no stress)
  • Upload your singles to Spotify and make money from your music!
  • Have your next song produced by me...

A Few Of The Unique Features That Make This YouTube Course Different…

  • This is the ONLY course made for artists that will take you through the EXACT step-by-step formula you need to create a RnB Trap beat from scratch in FL Studio.
  • Clear video instruction - Simple lessons where I explain a concept or technique and then show you how to use it in your music production.
  • Templates and kits - These templates and kits make it easy to get your beats made FAST and sounding FIRE. Best of all, they're yours to keep and use over and over, as many times as you want.
  • Q and A Comments - If you need any clarification or answers to your questions, you can simply leave a comment under a lesson and I’ll be happy to reply. You may also find your question answered by a fellow student!

It’s Decision Time

Anyone can make FIRE RnB Trap beats for their songs using the "Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio".


I’ve shown you the proof that it works for me, and it'll work for you too.


You know that with the 90-day “Make Beats Or Your Money-Back Guarantee”, you are 100% protected and safe.

And you won’t be alone.


I’m gonna hold your hand every step of the way and walk you through this process.


The videos in this course will show you exactly what to do, step-by-step.


And, I’ll be standing by, ready to answer any questions you have…


And, it's super EASY to order!


Here’s what to do now:


Click the big red button below and you'll be taken to the order page.


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  • FREE BONUS 01: BONUS VIDEOS: How To Get Your Music Heard (Retail Value: $87)
  • FREE BONUS 02: RnB Trap Beat Mixing Template (Retail Value: $30)
  • FREE BONUS 03: My Personal RnB Trap Drum Kit (Retail Value: $30)
  • FREE BONUS 04: Access to my private Discord server  (Retail Value: $97)
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P.S. The time is now.

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Or will you go for it? Will you take action?

I look forward to getting to know you inside the “Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio” course.

All the best,

Jay Cartere

Jay Cartere

Disclaimer: Please note that all your results are based on your effort and dedication to what is taught in this course.

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