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July 31, 2015

Imagine you’re cruising through a supermarket and you’ve come to get some bananas for that delicious peanut butter banana smoothie you’ve been fiending for. You get to the checkout till with your bananas, you then pay for the bananas and go to leave. However, before you can get home and start making your lovely healthy drink, the cashier puts a case of carbonated water in your basket and demands you pay for it. This isn’t fair.

You didn’t want any carbonated water. If you knew you’d have to leave with carbonated water you’d have stayed far away from this supermarket. You’re way too young to start drinking that disgusting stuff and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Is it okay that someone is trying to force you to pay for it? Of course not.

So, why is it okay for a man to be forced to pay for a child he did not want? A woman gets to choose whether she wants an abortion or not (and rightfully so), so why does a man not get to choose whether or not he wants to support this child he pleaded this woman not to have?

There are cases where sperm donors have had to pay child support, and an even wilder case where a man had to pay child support after a woman secretly kept his sperm after oral sex and used it to get pregnant. I mean, this surely seems like a joke right? But it’s not, this is the world we live in.

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why Men Shouldn't Be Forced To Pay For Children They Didn’t Want

In a time where ‘equality’ is a hot topic, why is there so much inequality when it comes to a man’s right to not pay for a child he didn’t want? That’s certainly not healthy for the child is it? Having a father that resents you because your mother turned some innocent sloppy toppy into a monthly bill seems worse than not having a father at all.

Sloppy Toppy – [Noun] A slang term for fellatio. Particularly, some darned good fellatio that is adequately lubricated.

E.g: ‘She gave me that sloppy top fam, I had to change my sheets!’

I think the laws surrounding this topic ought to be revised, no one should be forced to pay for something they didn’t consent to having for 18 years. Consenting to sex is not the same as consenting to having child, just like consenting to buy bananas is the not the same as consenting to buy poison. That’s just silly.

What’s your opinion? Tell me on Twitter or something.

Here’s an interesting article from a lovely woman that shares my opinion:

  • Thank you, Jay!
    I’m a woman who shares your opinion. I feel blessed for knowing whatever happens I will never be forced to become a mother. Plus I feel women who decide to continue a pregnancy their partner doesn’t want from the beginning and who turn to him for child support have no dignity at all. You take the decision on your own, you pay the consequences on your own.

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