[Video] How to start making music

​Getting started is usually the hardest part of getting good at anything…

Making music is no exception.

You can find yourself directionless and confused…

Trying and failing…again and again…

But, there’s good news:

Most songs start off with a basic skeleton.

A simple background for all the exciting parts you’ll add later…

And, if you can understand how to create these skeletons, you’ll find it 100x easier to make your songs.

The million dollar question:

How do you create these skeletons so you can start to flesh out your body of work?

I got you covered b.

Click the link below to discover EXACTLY how it’s done…

This is the end of sitting at your computer and finding yourself stuck with no idea what to do next.​

After you watch this video, you’ll know where to start and what to do when you’re trying to make your next banger…

Click here:

All the best,

Jay “Back To Basics” Cartere

Jay Cartere

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