The essential tool for artists/producers

The most important tool for your music is also one of the most underrated…

Without this tool, your music WILL sound trash – there’s no doubt about it.

Every song MUST use this tool.

The great thing is:

Almost all DAWS (all of the ones I’ve used) have this tool installed and available for free.

So there’s no excuse…except not knowing how to use it (but I can help you with that in a bit).

Have you figured out what this tool is yet?

The answer is:


EQ is the bread and butter of mixing.

EQ is the difference between releasing a song/beat that sounds like it’s smudged together or sounding clean AF.

Don’t sleep on EQ.

The truth is:

You can get a pretty good quality mix of your songs/beats by ONLY using EQ.

And, I can’t say that for any other tool or effect…

Mixing your music is mainly just EQing and setting volumes.

I can’t believe it took me YEARS to realise how simple mixing & mastering actually is…

Luckily for you, I created a video that will show you exactly how to mix your beats so you don’t have to learn the hard way (like I did)…

Click on the link below and watch the video now:

Don’t sleep on this one, you’ll NEED it…

Talk soon,

Jay “Keep It Simple” Cartere


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Jay Cartere

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