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April 17, 2020

“Rely on your own strength instead of somebody else’s compassion​”

– Gary Halbert, The Boron Letters

The quote above should be the motto for EVERY artist ever…

I’ll tell you why in a sec, but first:

Recently, I’ve been watching a show called “Silicon Valley”.

The main character – Richard – is the CEO of a promising tech company called “Pied Piper”…

He wants to release his game-changing technology to the world but, he’s constantly facing off against the same roadblocks.

In every season, Richard has to go and beg for an investor to fund his company…

And in every season, the investor forces Richard to do some shit he doesn’t want to do…

Because Richard gives up his freedom every time he relies on someone else to keep his company running.

Bad move.

The thing is:

In this era of smartphones and the internet – you don’t have to rely on someone else to be successful.

You don’t need more money.

You don’t need better equipment.

You don’t need to wait until the perfect time.

Those are just excuses for people who don’t have the guts to START.

You can build a business with NO money.

You can record videos on your phone.

You can release your art when you want…without going through gatekeepers.

This is the best time EVER to be an artist.

But the sad part is:

Most artists are still making the same old mistakes…

Putting themselves in a position to fail miserably…

Because they’re not taking CONTROL of their future and finances…

They leave their audience in the hands of companies that limit their reach…





The artists that keep doing this will find themselves being forced to do some shit they don’t want to do…

Or worse – they’ll lose everything they’ve built on these platforms.

But, there’s good news:

If you watch the video below, you’ll discover how to make sure you don’t lose everything you’ve built…

This video will show you how to take control and rely on your own strength…instead of relying on somebody else’s compassion…

Because relying on the compassion of others is a shitty business model my g.

People are unreliable and selfish.

If you leave your future in the hands of others – you deserve the ruin coming for you…

Click the link below and watch the video now:

All the best,

Jay “Who Owns Your Future?” Cartere


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