Don’t waste your money this year

‚ÄčThe holiday season is coming fast…

So are the Black Friday sales…

And all the wild spending.

But there’s something you need to know:

If you don’t want to be a starving artist then you need to understand this completely.

There are 2 types of people:

Producers and consumers.

And you need to choose which one you want to be.

The thing is:

Around this time of year, most people are itching to spend their money and grab amazing discounts – so they lose money…

And they enter the next year with more stuff…but less money. 

Less money means less freedom.

Less freedom means a starving artist has to starve a lot longer (and work that wack job you hate).

That’s what consumers do…

Then, there’s the producers:

We use public holidays like this to sell more stuff…

We offer discounts and bundles…

And we stack more money.

More money means more freedom to continue pursuing our goals.

We start off the New Year with a bang…

Which of these sounds better to you?

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy ANYTHING…

You CAN be a producer and a consumer too. I would even say it’s a necessary split.

But you have to choose which side you focus on more…and that will determine your future success.

Produce more than you consume!

But don’t be afraid to enjoy a good deal or discount – that’s okay.

Just don’t overdo it.

And, try to spend your money on something USEFUL that will bring you closer to your goals.

Don’t waste your cash on a bunch of distractions that are gonna keep you broke and living a life you don’t want to live…

It’s up to you fam.

Get started down the right path by watching the video below…

It’s gonna show you how you can actually MAKE money over the next few weeks.

Go here:

All the best,

Jay “Producer” Cartere


I’ll be running my own Black Friday/thanksgiving deals so look out for that over the next few weeks…

It’s gonna be WILD!

Jay Cartere

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