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April 17, 2020

“Content is king”​ was a catchphrase that was popular on the internet a few years back…

This was when I had just started researching content-marketing and I had no idea what “content is king” actually meant.

The thing is:

These days it’s as clear to me as a freshly cleaned window…

And, I’m gonna share this knowledge with you very soon.

But, first I wanna give you some backstory:

Over the past year, I’ve saved over $2688.42​ by sending 3 emails…

(I could’ve saved much more if I sent a few more emails and didn’t have a back issue but that’s besides the point)

I’ve also started 2 mutually beneficial business relationships with companies who make products I love.

Interesting, right?

Let me explain:

I’ve been sent over $2688.42​ worth of free music production software and the interesting part is:

I’ve JUST started focusing on making music production content on my channel.

In fact, I’ve got less than 50 videos around music and music production on my channel…

And those videos don’t have super impressive stats yet – so it’s basically like I’m starting a new channel.

(disclaimer: I do have my “how to write a rap song” video that has over 1 million views but most of my musical videos have less than 10k views atm)

However, I do have the advantage of showing companies that I know how to:

  • Build a successful YouTube channel
  • Grow an audience
  • Rank my videos highly using SEO
  • Create good content reliably and consistently

Out of all these skills the most important is – “create good content reliably and consistently”…


Because releasing good content consistently will lead to audience growth, building a successful YouTube channel and ranking highly…

And, because companies know that more content about their products and brand leads to more sales.

So they want people like you and me to make as much content about them as possible!

I know It’s common to feel like you’re not that valuable as a small creator with small stats but, the truth is:

You are incredibly valuable if you can create video content at a good quality, consistently.

Do you know how much it would cost to HIRE someone to create video content for these companies??

It would cost way more than $2688.42​ a year!

Giving you free products in exchange for free content production is a STEAL for these companies…

That’s part of the reason I was able to get free products from these companies with what’s basically a new YouTube channel (most of my old subscribers do NOT care about music production at all)…

The second reason they felt comfortable sending me products is because my initial pitch email was well written…

It clearly explains the benefits of what I bring to the table and what content I plan to create.

It made it easy to say yes and send me free stuff with a smile.

You can download my pitch email template for absolutely free when you join my “YouTube For Noobs” course…

But, I’ll think about releasing it as a standalone product in the future because it’s so powerful and it can save you a LOT OF MONEY.

Does that sound like something I should do?

Send me a reply and let me know.


You don’t have to use your content just to help other companies sell stuff…you can sell your OWN stuff too…

That’s how you make the big bucks while you SLEEP!

The video I released yesterday is a great example of this, click the link below to check it out:

All the best,

Jay “Content Is King” Cartere


​Knowing your worth is half the battle…understanding how to communicate your worth is the other half.

Put both of these together and you’ll be unstoppable!

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