April 17, 2020

​Entitled people will always lose.

Competitive complainers​ will always lose.

Entitled competitive complainers have no chance at all…

If you’re reading this then I hope I can prevent you from tumbling down this rocky hill and corroding your mindset…

Here’s the story:

About 2 weeks ago I got an email from a dude asking me to help him be rich.

The email had terrible spelling and grammatical errors (9 out of 10 times this is a bad sign and the kinda person who can’t be bothered to check their spelling turns out to be an asshole)

But, I wrote an entire email reply sharing how to ACTUALLY get rich and make money online…without getting scammed by get rich quick schemes (hint: you WON’T get rich quick, that’s not how it works. I’ll reveal how to actually get rich in this email)…

Then, the same guy recently sent me another email…

Wanna know what it said?

Here it is:

“Stop email me because you don’t help me with nothing………………”

This ungrateful piece of excrement didn’t even use the FREE advice I sent him!

Then, he had the balls to COMPLAIN about not getting help!

I quickly unsubscribed him from this list and he’ll NEVER get any help from me again.

The thing is:

This is the kind of person you’re competing with.

People who create problems for every solution…

People who ask for help and don’t appreciate or use it…

People who don’t understand how to click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of my emails…

Your competition is full of people who are ONLY skilled at complaining.

So, you’ve got a pretty big advantage if you’re willing to use my advice and do the work.

If you’re not willing to do that…you’re not welcome here.

This exclusive Digital Art Dealers list is for go-getters only…

I purge wack subscribers frequently.

Competitive complainers and entitled ballsacks can go elsewhere.

If you’re up to the challenge, I’m attaching the email I sent out a few weeks ago at the bottom of this…

I wanna make sure you don’t miss the gems I dropped…

And, I don’t want someone like you to miss out on discovering how to REALLY make money online (and get rich if you wanna).

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About the author 

Jay Cartere

Who is Jay Cartere?

It's a long story, but I'm going to make it short because I respek your time...

I'm a producer, rapper, singer and creative entrepreneur from London.

My musical journey started in 2007 when I decide to spit some lyrics to a grime beat... through a laptop.

That's right, no mic or anything - I was spitting DIRECTLY into the laptop cuz.

It's safe to say things have changed since then...

But, that's not all:

The journey has never been easy...I had to put my entrepreneurial mind to work and figure this stuff out.

I taught myself how to record and engineer my music.

I also had to learn how to film and edit music videos.

How to market, promote, sell and build a business.

Poverty gave me the pressure I needed to develop these skills...

Now I'm gonna share those skills with you...

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