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June 19, 2020

​Good morning!

I hope you’re up and ready for this Monday like I am…

Most people hate Mondays cos they have to go to a job they hate…

I’m lucky enough to be able to choose what I wanna do on Monday.

Every Monday, I schedule my YouTube videos for you…

This isn’t super exciting, I’ll admit that…

It can get a little tedious but, it’s WORTH it because I’m working on and towards something I love and am passionate about…

And, I have a big surprise for you this Monday…

I wanna start this week off right by introducing you to a resource that will change your life!

Here’s the scoop:

Do you want a place where you can meet people that love music as much as you?

People who are serious about their craft like you are?

A place to find reliable musicians to work with and create great music?

Or simply a place to discuss music and music creation?

Well, I’ve got the answer fam…

I’ve found that it’s hard AF to find artists and producers who are serious about their craft…

Trying to connect with people through social media usually ends in disappointment when the other person doesn’t deliver on what they promised…

And most people are just waiting for the opportunity to spam you their link…

Not cool.

That’s why I’ve decided to try something different.

I wanna create a community where artists and producers can come together in harmony…

That’s where discord comes in:

I used to use my discord server to manage my gaming community…

But, today I decided to convert my discord server into a community for music producers and artists to come together!

I’ve purged most of the old members and we’re basically starting from scratch…

I’d love for you to join me in there!

I’ve added some small precautions to prevent this server from becoming the spamfest that servers like this usually turn into:

You NEED to read through the welcome page and get your role assigned (either artist or producer)

This not only makes it easy to tell who does what (except for us artist/producer unicorns lmao… you can pick both roles btw)

But it also keeps away spammers, lazy people and people who can’t read.

I’ve also created specific channels where you can post your songs and beats to prevent spam and link dumping.

This server is ONLY for people who actually want to join a community of musicians who are passionate about what they do…

It’s not for people who want to spam their links in a wack attempt to “grow” (spam is a terrible marketing strategy anyway)

Here’s the link to join us if you’re interested:

And here are a list of the main channels I’ve created (I’m open to suggestions and I’m excited to see this evolve as we get new members!):












Again, here’s the link to join if you’re interested:

I’ll see you inside!

All the best,

Jay “Excited For Work” Cartere


I’ve been uploading new beats like CRAZY!

Hitting my 100 beat upload goal by the end of January won’t be easy but I’m sure I can get it done!

See how I’m doing (and find a great beat for your next song) here:
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