Why your songs sound trash

If you don’t get this right then even the BEST song will still sound trash.

It doesn’t matter how great your lyrics are…

It doesn’t matter how great the beat is…

Even great ideas are killed by this big mistake…

So what am I talking about?


Mixing and mastering!

Even if you plan to send your songs to someone else to mix and master them…you need to know the basics of how it’s done.

Because if you don’t know what needs to be done, you won’t be able to communicate it to your engineer…

And, not knowing what your song needs is a great way to pay a lot of money for a wack job.

You don’t want that do you?

Shit, you can even save yourself thousands of dollars by learning this stuff and mixing & mastering your own music (like I do)…

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult either…

Click the link below to discover how to properly master your beats FAST.

I’ll be making videos on how to mix and master songs with vocals included soon, but knowing how to get your beat sounding right is pretty much half the work…

So don’t miss this one, click the link below now and save your songs from sounding TRASH:

All the best,

Jay “Always Be Learning” Cartere


There’s 1 thing you absolutely need to succeed in the music industry. 

Hint: it’s probably not what you think it is…

Come back tomorrow to find out what it is!

Jay Cartere

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