I won’t do it

‚ÄčLast week I told you I won’t try to persuade you to create a website…

Even though I just released a video revealing ALL the pages you need for a successful website

I’m not gonna try to persuade you to watch it.

That’s right.

I’ve learned that most musicians (and pretty much all creatives) are absolutely TRASH when it comes to business…

And, when I try to help them with business stuff…they don’t wanna listen…

So I have NO interest in persuading you to be interested in running a business.

If you don’t understand why creating a competent business and website is important then I can’t force you to learn…

When you’re more mature and ready to take control of your future, you’ll search for this info yourself.

And, you’ll find my videos.

But…the link is here if you want to watch the video now:

However – If you ARE ready to take your music seriously, reply to this email and tell me…

Feel free to ask any business questions and I’ll try to help you get where you wanna be.

All the best,

Jay “Business OR BROKE” Cartere

Jay Cartere

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