Make your songs HIT / Make your drums bang

​If you’ve ever thought about producing your own music, you know you have to understand drum programming

Where do the kicks go?

Where do the snares go?​

Where should you put hi-hat rolls?

How do you make your 808s hard-hitting and bouncy?

These are questions you can spend the next 2 years trying to figure out…

Your drums will be wack for a LONG time but, through a buttload of trial and error…

…You can eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t.

But, there’s a quicker way…

The thing is:

I made a video for you that will show you everything you need when it comes to programming drums.

You’ll know exactly how to add drums to your melodies and songs by the end of this video…

And, you’ll find the answers to all the questions above…

This video will give you an AMAZING starting point and a 2 year head-start on music production.

It took me about 2 years of producing before I felt comfortable with programming drums…

Now you don’t have to waste the same time I did…

All you gotta do is click the link below and watch the video:

All the best,



Wanna hear my drum programming skills in action?

I’ve got a bunch of new beats you can listen to (and use for your songs) here:
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