First Impressions: Mortal Kombat X

I decided to take the weekend off in order to recuperate, relax and retain my sanity. I also got the new Mortal Kombat game and I’ve been having a blast. These are my first impressions so far. [vsw id=”bm8DOcm2RBA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] When I first popped the game in I had to delete a […]

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Should You Use An Auto-Responder On Twitter?

When I follow someone and receive an automatic DM asking me to check out their SoundCloud profile, website or Facebook page I unfollow them and block them. This is why you shouldn’t use an auto-responder on Twitter: 1. A Terrible First Impression Using an auto-responder is such a lazy form of marketing. Sending someone a […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Website

A website is a very valuable asset that many people overlook. If you’re a self employed, own a business or even if you’re employed, you may want to think about creating your own site. Anyone with any skills whatsoever should give this idea some thought and here’s 5 reasons why: 1) Showcase Your Expertise Having a […]

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Why You Should Release A Song Every Month

I release a song every month. This isn’t because I don’t have enough songs; in fact, I could release 10 songs today and still have more music to release, so why then? 1. Consistency People who are interested in my music know that they can expect at least one song from me every month. Doing this means […]

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3 Tools To Make Writing Essays Easier

Writing essays is probably the most stressful things about university. Creating a bibliography, proof reading your 3000 word essay again and again to make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors and other tasks like this take up a considerable amount of your time. Fortunately, there are a few tools out there that make the process of […]

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4 Key Benefits Of Buying Beats

A lot of rappers don’t want to buy beats. If it’s because you’re broke, then that’s fine – just stop rapping about making money. If you take your career seriously though, then you know you need original production. Why buy beats though? Well, I’m going to let you know now. 1. You Can Start Selling […]

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Super Tips For Busy Students

You’ve got assignments coming from every direction and you can’t stop procrastinating because the task ahead seems so daunting; if this sounds like you, I’ve got a few tips that could help you out. 1. Create a to-do list Creating a list of things that you want to complete each day is one of the best […]

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