Why your songs sound trash

If you don’t get this right then even the BEST song will still sound trash. It doesn’t matter how great your lyrics are… It doesn’t matter how great the beat is… Even great ideas are killed by this big mistake… So what am I talking about? Answer: Mixing and mastering! Even if you plan to […]

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Meet serious producers and artists today

​Good morning! I hope you’re up and ready for this Monday like I am… Most people hate Mondays cos they have to go to a job they hate… I’m lucky enough to be able to choose what I wanna do on Monday. Every Monday, I schedule my YouTube videos for you… This isn’t super exciting, I’ll admit that… […]

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Easy productivity hack inside

I’m writing this to you at 8:19 am… I’m usually trying to catch a few extra zzzzzzs at this time. I bet you can relate! But, guess what? I’ve already worked out, had a bath etc. Now I’m drinking coffee and writing this email… All before 9am! This is a big accomplishment for me and […]

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The essential tool for artists/producers

The most important tool for your music is also one of the most underrated… Without this tool, your music WILL sound trash – there’s no doubt about it. Every song MUST use this tool. The great thing is: Almost all DAWS (all of the ones I’ve used) have this tool installed and available for free. […]

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Why most artist websites suck

​Good morning fam! It’s the first day of 2020 and time to get to WORK… First up, if you don’t have a website then 2020 is gonna be another wack year for you… But, a website isn’t gonna magically save you from all your problems (that’s not how it works). Your website is your own piece of internet […]

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My plans for 2020 – what are yours?

Hey, It’s Jay. I toned down the emails over the holiday period because I wanted a break from working… (I bet you can relate, right) I hope you had a great Christmas (or whatever you may/may not celebrate). Thing is – the time has come to get back to work… Sure, it’s NYE and most people will be spending […]

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How to record your own song at home

​You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your next song… I know renting studio time can get mad expensive… But there’s an alternative… Regardless, you should record a draft version of your songs before even thinking about renting studio time. This way, you save money, use your time more effectively and create […]

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Free Post Malone type beats for life

2019 is almost over. December is here and in full swing… But, there’s still time to upgrade your skills and make amazing music. I usually take December off, since it’s the holiday season AND my birthday’s very close… This year I’m still gonna work, but I’ll take it a lil easier. It’s a mini-break. This means: No daily […]

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