Major setback and mixing secrets

​I have an appointment with my dentist today but I’m not going. I can’t go. Why? Not because I don’t want to… But, before I reveal the reason why: I was supposed to go in to see if my invisalign treatment was ready for the next step… The finalising and polishing (literally). Or if I needed […]

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Get your song ready for spotify

​How do you make sure your song is ready for Spotify (and all other streaming platforms)? Well… After you’ve recorded your vocal melodies… You’ve written your song… And you’ve recorded the draft of your song… It’s time to get serious. If you followed my advice for recording your song draft, you’ll be ready for the next big step. […]

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How to write your next single

​I’m recording my next single today… Well, I’m gonna try to FINISH recording it today. I already started on it last week, it just needs some brushing up etc. But, before you can start recording… You gotta WRITE the damn thing. There are countless techniques, secrets and tricks that you can use to write a song… I’ll […]

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I made a mistake this week

Quick email today:​ We all make mistakes and I’m no different… Learning from our mistakes is what separates the Digital Art Dealers from the competitive complainers. Here’s the story: Yesterday, I was editing more videos in my “how to make a song at home from scratch” series and I noticed something… The “how to write […]

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Live inside your song to make hits

What does “Live inside your song mean”? You’ve probably never heard of this term before… …Because I created it a few weeks ago… Save the applause, I can tell you’re obviously super impressed… But first… Let’s dive into WHY you should even care about this fresh, game-changing concept: When you “live inside your song”… You create […]

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Tory Lanes’ secret vocal melody hack

If you’re singing or rapping in 2020, you need to know how to create good vocal melodies. I won’t bullshit you – it’s not easy. You won’t start creating great melodies overnight… It’s a skill that takes practice and work… But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make it easier. In fact, there’s a […]

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Why you should unsubscribe from this list

Last week, I told you how YouTube were showing my ads to kids… Kids aged 13 and under… So, I asked the kids on my list to unsubscribe from this exclusive list. Because I DO NOT make content for kids. Most children lack the motivation and desire to become Digital Art Dealers… And, they can’t buy anything. […]

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How I made my new single

​Today is a special day my g! Not because it’s Valentine’s day… That’s simply a holiday designed to make you spend your money on silly things… I’m surprised that in 2020, people are STILL being duped into buying useless things like “greeting cards”… (Why buy someone a card they’re just gonna throw away??) Anyways, there’s another reason that […]

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