Try this if you want more fans

​Yesterday I looked at my YouTube stats and I realised something interesting… If you’ve been following my journey over the past 3 years you’d know that I started turning my YouTube gaming channel into a music focused channel at the end of 2019… After building a business that works for me and pays my bills without […]

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The songwriting secret nobody talks about

​Yesterday I was writing/recording a new song… I spent hours trying to find a theme/subject I wanted to write about. I went in one direction… Wasn’t feeling it. Went in another direction… Didn’t work. The interesting part is: After hours of feeling like my mojo was gone…I found the RIGHT theme and the song started pouring out […]

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How to get your music career on track

​This morning I had one of my best workouts in a while and there’s a good reason for that… Here’s some context: I’ve been working out pretty hard since the beginning of the year. (I started getting back into working out last year but I had to take a break cos of back issues.) I’ve been […]

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Make your songs sound better

When you get your export settings wrong you’ll make a potentially great song sound like trash… So, don’t do that okay? Oh, you don’t know what export settings you should be using? No problem, I got you. Click the links below to discover the EXACT export settings you should be using for your music. Pro Tip: If you’re […]

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Do you have a music day?

Yoo, how you doing? It’s Thursday again, my favourite day of the week​… Because, this is my dedicated “music day”. Where I focus on creating music without worrying about anything else. It’s super freeing! You should give yourself your own “music day” if you don’t have one already! It’s also the day where I finish my workouts […]

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Can you see this?

New week, new opportunities… It’s amazing how different life can be depending on how you choose to look at things. For example: Today I get to film videos for my YouTube channel… Then Imma play some more “Last Of Us 2″… I’ll probably finish it today and then film a mini-vlog sharing my thoughts about […]

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I gave in…

​Did you misread that subject line? I gave IN, not “UP”… We never give up over here. Except on my dreams of growing a beard… My genes said it’s not possible smh. Anyways, yesterday I gave in… I stopped being petty and I did what was best for the music… What am I talking about? […]

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