Are you sabotaging yourself?

Being a creative entrepreneur isn’t all smooth sailing… You know this if you’ve put any real effort into pursuing your dreams. But, sometimes the person who is hardest on us, is us. When the inspiration isn’t there… When the finished product isn’t EXACTLY how we wanted it to turn out… When we don’t feel like […]

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Sell less, make more money

Most creators do not know how much they’re art is worth… They undervalue themselves… They don’t sell ANYTHING… Or worse, they overvalue themselves…​ You need to overcome this if you want to become a fully fledged digital art dealer. There’s more: This week I’m working on releasing a few new products… It’s a longggg ass process but it’s […]

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How to avoid burnout as an online creator

It’s far too hot in London right now, my g… I’ve woken up feeling a little sick, a little tired and I’m really not excited to fight the sun today… But, this has me thinking about burnout… Recently, I made a decision that’s going to keep burnout very far away from me… Unfortunately, I can’t do the same with this warm, sticky weather. […]

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LIVE: Ask me your questions

I haven’t livestreamed since last year… I think… Either way, it’s been a long ass time! In a few hours I want to answer your questions live… I want to help you: Grow your audience… Build your business… Get better at making music… Whatever you need to ask, I wanna hear it! I’m also gonna […]

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Easy fix to boost productivity 100x

“Do it right ONCE and you can always do it again.” – Wise Man 47 This is a statement I live by… This is a statement that has boosted my productivity by 100x… This is a statement made by me. I’m the wise man… And, this wisdom is priceless… I’m gonna reveal exactly what it […]

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Stop losing hours with this simple trick

Have you ever found yourself taking AGES to get things done? Spending HOURS on editing a video… Making a beat… Writing an email… It happens to the best of us. But, it usually happens to us when we’re a beginner at something… Luckily, it’s simple to get faster at your work. Here’s what you need to do: […]

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