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April 10, 2023

If you think skipping sleep is giving you more time – you’re wrong.

Skipping sleep gives you less time and makes you less effective.

Bad sleep leads to:

– Less muscle (sleep is when muscle building happens)

– 21% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease

– More body fat (increased cortisol stores belly fat)

– More hunger (less leptin, more ghrelin)

– 30% more likely to die for any reason

– 19% more likely to die from cancer

– increased risk of type 2 diabetes

– Living 2.4 years less for women

– Living 4.7 years less for men

– More likely to catch colds

– Less energy

Bad sleep = more risk of death.

Bad sleep = less years to live.

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Good news is:

Getting good sleep leads to less risk of death and more years to live.

At the start of 2023 – I had terrible insomnia.

Waking up every 2 hours.

Getting 6 hours sleep at most.

I felt terrible.

I tried:

– Sleeping pills

– Limiting naps

– Drinking less coffee

– Using blinds and an eyemask to get rid of light

Nothing was working.

One thing changed my sleep forever.

The one thing that changed my sleep when sleeping pills and lifestyle changes didn’t is:


Supplementing magnesium daily is a game-changer.

After 2 weeks of taking 500mg of magnesium per day – I stopped waking up every 2 hours.

Now I wake up 2-3x per night instead of the 3-6x per night I was dealing with before.

And I’m getting a cool 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night.

(7 – 8 hours sleep is essential. Less sleep than this leads to the health problems and issues revealed earlier.)

It’s still not perfect – but it’s better than feeling like a zombie all day.

Here’s a link to the magnesium supplement I’m using:

But, the thing is:

Magnesium worked great for me.

Magnesium will likely work great for you.

If magnesium doesn’t do the job, here are 13 more ways to get better sleep:

  1. Do yoga before bed
  2. Read for an hour before bed
  3. Don’t drink alcohol 3 hours before bed
  4. Don’t drink caffeine 6 hours before bed
  5. Exercise regularly – but not too close to bed
  6. Don’t check the clock if you wake up in the night
  7. Avoid using electronic devices an hour before bed
  8. Use blinds and an eyemask for complete darkness
  9. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day
  10. Avoid big meals and delicious spicy foods before bed
  11. No more naps – limit emergency naps to 30 mins max
  12. Manage stress with meditation, exercise, creativity or therapy
  13. Open the window to make your room cool (aim for 60-67 F, 15.6 to 19.4 C)


Getting 7-8 hours sleep per night is essential.

Getting less sleep leads to increased risk of death and illness.

Getting less sleep leads to fat gain and prevents muscle growth.

Proper exercise & nutrition leads to better sleep.

My book “ Getting Lean ” gives you everything you need to know about proper exercise and nutrition.

And much more

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Talk soon,

Jay Cartere

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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