You don’t need more YouTube subscribers, here’s why

A common mistake new creators keep making is:

Thinking they need millions of fans to be successful…

The truth is:

You don’t need more subscribers or views.

You need to learn how to run a business.


Whether you like it or not….

If you want to be a Digital Art Dealer, you need to understand the basics of business.

Creatives that don’t understand this often end up broke and pitiful.

And, here’s the interesting thing:

When you build an effective business model, you can make MORE MONEY with LESS views…

Doesn’t that sound great?

Trust me, it’s better than chasing views and becoming an internet whore…

If you want to have control over your future, knowing your business is the way forward.

Lucky for you:

I have a whole YouTube playlist dedicated to teaching you about online business

But, before you start binge watching these important videos…

You need to make sure you’re NOT using any copyrighted content in your videos.

Because, using copyrighted content can get your videos and your YouTube channel taken down…

And, it’s kinda hard to build a business around a deleted YouTube channel…

Protect yourself from copyright strikes and claims with this:​

All the best,

Jay “Business First” Cartere

Jay Cartere

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