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August 13, 2019

An email flew in recently:

“​Hello Jay! 

This is Max, or MaxGamer7, as you know me. 

I don’t wanna be getting on your nerves or anything because I always got so many questions about this all this YouTube stuff, but I wanted to ask about how I could/should get started with building a business or just getting any real income from my videos. 

I am 16, so I don’t think I’m allowed to have a PayPal yet, but I wanna start creating videos in which I can maybe promote something to bring in income. I’m just really not sure where I should start. 

If you could even reply to this email that would be amazing. I’m just really passionate about becoming a creator and I wanna start making income ASAP so that I can pursue this dream job instead of a crappy 9 to 5.

 I’m still in school and all, so I got expectations to get a “real” job from others.

Kind Regards,


Now, did you know there’s a stupidly easy way to make money on YouTube that MOST new creators ignore?

The truth is, most inexperienced creators are playing YouTube on hard mode​…

They’re chasing views and relying on adsense…

Focusing on gaining subscribers like this is 2013…

But, there’s a better way forward, and I’m going to reveal it to you in this email.

Here’s the first thing:

I released many FREE videos around making money on YouTube and building a business online.

Watch those videos on my YouTube channel.

Watch them ASAP.

You will not succeed if you do not take the time to learn.

There’s more:

The absolutely easiest way to make money on YouTube is to sell or (affiliate) market a product…

But, not just any product…

It must be a product that solves a problem that your target audience has.

If you need help coming up with ideas for this, do this next:

  1. Join the “YouTube For Noobs” course
  2. Ask me your questions in the “YouTube For Noobs” private discord
  3. Apply my advice to your YouTube channel and business

Product development is a big beast and it would take more than 1 email to give you the information you need to move forward and be successful…

But, the biggest key is:

Knowing your audience and having something of value to offer them.

Would you like some examples from my experience?

Sure you do!

Here’s a very profitable venture:

In 2018, the main audience on my YouTube channel were ARK server owners…

So I created many products that served and solved the problems of ARK server owners.

But, that’s not all:

Now, the main audience on my YouTube channel are creatives and YouTubers…

So guess what?

I just released a product to help you AVOID copyright strikes and have FIRE background music for your YouTube videos…

At an affordable price…

Learn more about it here:​

All the best,

Jay “Profit>>Popularity” Cartere

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