EP 5: Why The YouTube Partner Program Changes Are GOOD For Small YouTubers – The Jay Cartere Show

The YouTube partner program changes that came into effect in February 2018 may have seemed like a big slap in the face to small YouTubers but the truth is that these changes are a GOOD thing. Too many small YouTubers only think about adsense when it comes to making money with their content. Adsense is a volatile, unreliable and simply ineffective way of monetizing your YouTube videos. Adsense is by far the EASIEST way to make money on YouTube but it is also the WORST.

The changes to the YouTube partner program force small creators to think outside the box and pursue different methods of monetization and that’s a good thing. Start thinking of your YouTube channel as a BUSINESS and stop relying on YouTube to reward you for making videos. When you make this mindset shift and you move away from feeling entitled to adsense money you will see the great opportunity available on YouTube. If the Youtube partner program changes have demotivated you to the point that you are going to quit uploading videos to YouTube then it was unlikely that you would have become successful on YouTube anyway.

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