Ep 4: The Number Of Subscribers You Have Doesn’t Matter If You Can’t Pay The Bills – The Jay Cartere Show

Most people who start a YouTube channel are obsessed with how to get more subscribers. Less people focus on the important aspect of how to make more money on YouTube. The fact is that having a million subscribers is useless unless you can pay your bills and continue to create content. I see many people chase the allure of gaining subscribers and views in order to validate themselves or appease their insecurity.

I couldn’t care less about how many subscribers I have or how many views I get when I release a new video. Those metrics are useful for knowing if I am going in the right direction and if my content is resonating with people but I am much more concerned with keeping a roof over my head and you should be too if you want to become a full-time YouTuber. In this episode of the Jay Cartere show I discuss why the number of subscribers doesn’t matter if you can’t pay your bills, enjoy!

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