November 14, 2019




And all the other social media platforms do NOT have your best interests at heart.

Here’s why:

ALL these platforms aim to KEEP people on the platform. That’s their main goal.

They focus their efforts on people consuming content…not creators like me and you…

Their algorithms are NOT created to help you get your content to your audience.

Their algorithms want to keep your audience using their platform.

The truth is:

They DON’T care about you.

And if you rely on ANY of these platforms, you are making a very dangerous decision…

Sending your audience to follow you on these platforms is a dangerous decision…

Because you have NO control of reaching your audience once they follow you on any of these platforms.

The platforms decide what your audience sees…

To be frank, they’re NOT your audience at that point.

You have no control…

(keep reading and you’ll discover how to take control)

You don’t own your relationship with your fans…

You have no power to get in front of “your audience” when you want…

They belong to the platform now.

And, what happens if you’re banned or you don’t wanna use that platform anymore?

You LOSE EVERYTHING! They got you trapped b!​

So, what’s the solution?

Stop using all social media?

Nah fam…that would be silly!

Social media has problems, sure…but it’s still gives you a great opportunity to reach people.

What you need to do is take OWNERSHIP of the relationship you have with your audience…(I’ll show you how shortly)

You need to stop allowing the platforms to decide when they’ll ALLOW you to contact your fans.

Growing your subscribers and followers doesn’t matter when they don’t even see the content you put out.

But, there’s an answer to this problem:

It’s called email marketing…

It’s how you’re reading this right now.

And, it’s more powerful than contacting your audience using any other platform.

If you’re reading this, then my point is already proven…

(I WISH I focused on email marketing wayyy sooner)

But, most artists and creatives find email marketing confusing…

A lot of them also can’t be bothered to do email marketing (they’ll pay for this laziness in a few years!)…

That means you can take advantage of this and become one of the few people doing it right.

You can be one of the few people that will build a business and career that LASTS…

Are you up to the challenge?

I thought so…

Here’s what you need to do next:

Click the link below, watch the video and make your way through my email marketing playlist (at your own pace).

Feel free to reply to this email or comment on my videos to ask me any questions you have.

I’m more than happy to answer your questions and create content that will help you in the world of email marketing…

(This is SO essential for your success)

Btw, I DO read every email…and I WILL reply, so don’t be shy!

Click the link below now:

All the best,

Jay “Own Your Relationship” Cartere


If you want a free trial of the same software I use for all my email marketing, click the link below and see if you like it.

I use convertkit and it’s PERFECT for creators who want everything to be simple, understandable and easy to set-up:


If you want a free trial of the same software I use for all my email marketing, click the link below and see if you like it.

I use convertkit and it’s PERFECT for creators who want everything to be simple, understandable and easy to set-up:

About the author 

Jay Cartere

Who is Jay Cartere?

It's a long story, but I'm going to make it short because I respek your time...

I'm a producer, rapper, singer and creative entrepreneur from London.

My musical journey started in 2007 when I decide to spit some lyrics to a grime beat... through a laptop.

That's right, no mic or anything - I was spitting DIRECTLY into the laptop cuz.

It's safe to say things have changed since then...

But, that's not all:

The journey has never been easy...I had to put my entrepreneurial mind to work and figure this stuff out.

I taught myself how to record and engineer my music.

I also had to learn how to film and edit music videos.

How to market, promote, sell and build a business.

Poverty gave me the pressure I needed to develop these skills...

Now I'm gonna share those skills with you...

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