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November 12, 2019

Last week, I realised I’ve been making a terrible mistake with my new YouTube videos…

Something that’s hurting my channel’s watch time

Something that’s preventing YouTube from promoting my videos

Something that you might be doing too…

And in this email, I’m gonna reveal how I’m gonna fix this mistake moving forward (and how you can too).

So what is it?

I know you’re curious… and here’s the answer:

Asking for the viewer to do something way too early!

You might be asking your viewer to like or subscribe BEFORE giving them a reason to (this isn’t exactly what I’ve been doing, but I’ll reveal my big mistake shortly)…

Asking for a click BEFORE delivering any value can make viewers run for the hills and click away from your video…

Here’s the thing:

If a viewer leaves your video quickly, it sends a signal to YouTube that your video is TRASH and people don’t like it.

Guess what happens to your video when enough people leave ASAP?

Have you guessed?

Here’s the answer:

YouTube KILLS the video’s reach and doesn’t promote it to more people.

Sad times.

The mistake I’ve been making was specifically designed to make this happen…

Here’s the story:

If you’ve been watching my videos then you might already know what my mistake was, but I’m gonna tell you anyway:

I was offering people the chance to grab free stuff and sign up to my email list BEFORE getting into the rest of the video.

For example, I would give people the chance to get free beats, free loops or sign up to my free YouTube success course.

If you’re reading this, you signed up for one of my free things…and that’s great.

What’s not great, is having people leave your YouTube video to go to your website within 2 minutes of starting a 10+ minute video…

YouTube doesn’t like that.

But, I had a reason to test this out:

I’m currently in a transitional period with my businesses and YouTube channel right now…

So I’m basically starting from 0 (you might be able to relate).

And the truth is…I got impatient.

No bueno.

(bueno is also the most delicious chocolate on earth, if you didn’t know)

I wanted to grow my new music-focused business ASAP…

And I wanted to get more people like you (creatives, artists and producers) on my email list FAST…

(you should be building your email list if you’re not already…I’ll explain why later this week)

This is the same mistake a lot of people make – especially when they’re trying to transition from poverty or a job they hate.

But it’s really counter-productive…Here’s why:

Although I could get a few more signups to my email list initially…

YouTube will penalise these videos and they won’t reach as many people…

So I’d get less email subscribers in the long term.

And you know…it’s ALL about the long game fam!

Anyways, I know how to solve this problem and I’ve decided to share my solution with you for FREE.

I’ve drafted up a new YouTube video script/framework that is designed to keep viewers watching for longer, focused on delivering a bunch of value AND effectively promoting your business/email list/YouTube channel.

I created it just for myself, but I want to share it with you today because I know you’ll get a lot out of it and create better videos using this script.

It’s basically an outline of the things you should do in every video.

And, it’s made of notes that I only intended for my own use (although I did add a bit more clarification today) so you’ll have to put your brain to work and adapt it to your situation…

I will definitely test it out, update it, refine it and sell a proper professional version of this script in the future…but I’m giving you this version right now for absolutely free because you’re part of the Digital Art Dealer family and I got your back g.

It’s simple AF to get it…

All you’ve gotta do is:


2. Reply to this email and tell me what you think!

(I need your feedback to know if it’s worth me giving away stuff like this to you or not)

I know it’s gonna help you make great videos that bring you wayyy more watch time and dedicated subscribers!

All the best,

Jay “We All Make Mistakes” Cartere


I released a new video yesterday that you’ll be interested in if you make music.

Click the link below if you wanna see that (btw, it DOESN’T follow my new script – you’ll see examples of my script in action in about 2 weeks):

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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