[Video] Why college is a scam

I finally have my appointment with a physiotherapist today!

As you know, I’ve been having issues with back pain etc.

So, this is VERY good news…

Hopefully, I’ll return home with a rehab plan and knowledge of what I can and can’t do…

That should help me heal my back/shoulder quicker and get back to working on great content for you.

And, get back to getting ripped and buff as fxck.

But honestly, there’s no telling what will happen…

This appointment may not change much at all…although, I hope I get some powerful painkillers at LEAST.

Here’s the thing:

There are pretty much no guarantees in life…

Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t…

You need to keep moving forward regardless…

But, there is ONE guarantee in life you can count on, and that is:

College / University is a scam. 

Digital Art Dealers like you should avoid that debt pit like the plague…

Don’t believe me?

Click the link below to find out exactly WHY college is a scam and a waste of your money:


All the best,

Jay “World On My Back” Cartere

Jay Cartere

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