Turn 1 melody into 6 with this HACK

​I’m really craving pancakes this morning…

I promise this will relate to turning 1 melody into 6, you’ll see how soon.

But first:

Today, I’m gonna be spending the day filming videos (as I usually do on Tuesday).

This is a little different though…

Because I’m going to be walking through each aspect of creating my song “Hill”.

I’m gonna reveal the process of making a song from scratch…

This series of videos will give you valuable insight into how you can make your own song at home…

…so, you won’t want to miss it.

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Got it?


Back to pancakes.

I haven’t eaten pancakes since last year because I’ve been working out and fasting like a G…

But, I’m feeling like treating myself today.

And, here’s the interesting thing:

Pancakes are made from 3 basic ingredients…

1) Flour

2) Eggs

3) Milk

You can add sugar, fruits, peanut butter and whatever else you want…

But the 3 main ingredients are the ones above.

These 3 ingredients can also make:

  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Scones
  • And more…

(you might need to add some butter, but you get the point)

These 3 superstars love doing features!

My point is:

Basic ingredients can be used in a variety of ways when you know how to use em…

This works with music too…

In fact, I’m about to reveal how you can turn ONE melody into SIX different counter melodies…

How’s it done?

Click the link below to find out EXACTLY how:

(This HACK will change your life!)

All the best,

Jay “Master Your Ingredients” Cartere


What’s your favourite topping on pancakes??

Reply and tell me.

If it’s the same as mine…I might send you some free stuff…

Jay Cartere

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