January 2, 2020

Yesterday my GP told me I have muscle impingement…

Mainly in my left shoulder.

This partly explains the back pain I’ve been living with for the past 6+ months.

This is good news because I was worried I might have lung cancer…

But, bad news because it can take 6+ months to recover from this…

Here’s the thing:

I’m lucky AF that I worked my asssss off for these past few years…

I’m still getting paid from work I completed AGES ago…

AND, I’m still making money in my sleep.

If I had a normal 9-5 job, I would be crying at the thought of turning up at work everyday with this mild, annoying, pain.

Thankfully, I’m a digital art dealer baby!

And, that’s not all:

I’m lucky enough to have the freedom to do whatever I want…

Earlier in the week, I planned to do a bunch of boooooring work…

But, I don’t NEED to complete that work right now.

That’s why today:

 I’m gonna create samples/loops, maybe make some beats and I also plan to play some video games…

(I haven’t done that for months!)

If you want a sneak peak at my new method to make money in my sleep…AND save yourself time, money and pain…

Click the link below:


All the best,

Jay “I Got My Back” Cartere

About the author 

Jay Cartere

Who is Jay Cartere?

It's a long story, but I'm going to make it short because I respek your time...

I'm a producer, rapper, singer and creative entrepreneur from London.

My musical journey started in 2007 when I decide to spit some lyrics to a grime beat... through a laptop.

That's right, no mic or anything - I was spitting DIRECTLY into the laptop cuz.

It's safe to say things have changed since then...

But, that's not all:

The journey has never been easy...I had to put my entrepreneurial mind to work and figure this stuff out.

I taught myself how to record and engineer my music.

I also had to learn how to film and edit music videos.

How to market, promote, sell and build a business.

Poverty gave me the pressure I needed to develop these skills...

Now I'm gonna share those skills with you...

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