The problem with YouTube ads


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You might not know this, but:

I’ve been testing out YouTube advertising over the past few months…

It’s grown my email list pretty quickly…

But, there’s bad news:

It’s pretty expensive and, not just that…

It’s showing my ads to a lot of kids!

Even though I’ve selected the option to ONLY show my ads to people over 18.

Thing is:

I don’t make content for kids.

I don’t wanna spend my hard-earned money to get children reading these emails and seeing my videos.

Kids don’t have money to buy anything and that’s bad business.

So, if you are under 13 (or you’re a freeloader who will NEVER invest in their music career) scroll down and click the big fat UNSUBSCRIBE link now.

These emails are reserved for my Digital Art Dealer family…


Now I’ve changed the settings on my ads.

We’ll see if this helps, or not…

If you wanna discover how you can use paid advertising, reply to this email and tell me.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll reveal what I’ve learned this year so you can use it to your advantage…

And don’t forget:

I’ve got a new song coming out this Friday.

It’s called “Hill”…

It’s about how hard it can be to get rid of a toxic relationship…

Click the link below to follow me on Spotify and be the first to hear my NEW release…

(my last release was in 2016…so this is gonna be an interesting comeback)

The song’s pretty good, I promise:

I’ll talk to you tomorrow,

Jay “No Kids Zone” Cartere

Jay Cartere

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