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October 10, 2022

​In this email, I’m gonna reveal a secret I’ve found that’s been getting me buckets of views on YouTube…

You already know that YouTube is a GREAT way to promote your music and grow your fanbase.

The thing is:

Most people just upload their music to YouTube and those videos end up gathering dust instead of views…

This is gonna change that for you.

First of all, here’s a general tip which will give you a better chance at growing your channel:

Make content that shows people HOW you create your songs…

Do this instead of just trying to promote the song.


Because people will actually be searching for videos on how to create songs.

And all the different aspects of song creation.

They won’t be searching for your song – unless you’re already super popular.


This is a very simple thing that’ll totally transform your YouTube results forever…

But, that’s not all:

Time to reveal the secret, I’ve discovered…

The secret is: Create videos on how to install all the programs and plugins you use.

It doesn’t sound super sexy or exciting but it WORKS.

These are quick and easy videos to make that’ll get your channel in front of more people…

For example, these videos of mine are already ranking highly and bringing in nice, consistent views:

  • How to install waves plugins – 142,358 views
  • How to install XLN audio plugins – 35,659 views
  • How To Install Ample Guitars​ – 48.571 views
  • How to update FL studio – 52,360 views

All these videos have put my name and YouTube channel in front of more artists…

And it didn’t take a lot of work tbh.

The truth is:

I don’t sit around promoting my YouTube videos.

I don’t spam links to people.

I get views on my videos by making them rank highly on YouTube so I pop up when people search for them.

I do this using a process called YouTube SEO…

I reveal how you can use this process for your own videos in the bonus module of my new course “Foolproof Formula For RnB Production In FL Studio“.

If you’re reading this email on the day I send it out, you still have a chance to claim $50 and save money joining the course.

If you’re reading this in the future, that chance may already be gone and you’ll have the pay the super-reasonable full price…


Yesterday I released another installation video that’ll help you a lot…

I suggest you keep an eye on it.

See how the views grow and how it moves up the rankings over the next few weeks/months…

This stuff works.

I’ve built businesses that make me money in my sleep and fund my whole lifestyle with this SEO process…

You can too.

Here’s the link:

All the best,

Jay “Still Working” Cartere

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