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October 11, 2022

I tried to make jollof rice for the first time yesterday evening…

It didn’t go as planned.

But it didn’t go as bad as I thought it could’ve…

It took me over 2 hours to finally get it to be the right texture and in the end it definitely wasn’t as good as the jollof rice I order from my local Nigerian takeaway place.

But that’s not surprising.

Them man have been whipping up jollof rice for YEARS!

My first try couldn’t compare…

(even if I’m half Nigerian)

I also used scotch bonnet pepper sauce instead of actual scotch bonnet peppers – this definitely hurt the taste.

The thing is:

This lockdown period has really brought out the chef in me.

I’m having a bunch of fun cooking new foods and trying new things…

And my next batch of jollof will be better than the last.

Persistence always wins in the end.

Just like with my YouTube channel:

Since I changed my niche to focus on music, I got a bunch of comments from people asking me to play games I stopped playing in 2017…

People with NO YouTube success, telling me that my channel will die because I’m not playing the game they want me to play…

But I know what I want and I know how persistence works​.

This is key.

I’ve always had slow consistent growth. 

I’ve never “blown up” overnight.

And now, about 7 months after making the decision to focus on creating music content – I’m seeing the views, comments, subscribers and revenue pick up.

All because I stuck at it and had a clear plan of where I’m going.

That’s not all…

6 days ago I got this comment on one of my YouTube videos:

“I remember watching your metal gear solid FOB live streams years ago when I was an abnoxious little ten year old. Im glad to see you’re still uploading​”

This is from a kid that’s now 15. 

In those 5 years, many people quit YouTube, stopped uploading or their channel died.

But not me.


Cos I keep going. Always.

You ONLY lose when you give up.


Because something isn’t working for you now, doesn’t mean you won’t figure it out and become great at it later…

If you’re willing to push through and do the hard work, there’s no limit to what you can do.

For example:

When I first started getting back into recording songs it was hard.

Now it’s as easy as pie.

Mainly because I’ve created my “Spotify-Ready Vocal Mixing Template” so my songs are half mixed before I even start recording.

But, it’s also because I’ve taken the time to fail.

And learn.

And fail.

Then try again until I succeeded and realised what WORKS.

Now I pass my knowledge onto you so you can cut your learning time and get better fast.

Click the link below to discover the first major step you need to understand to get your vocals Spotify-Ready:

Then, treat yourself to my “Spotify-Ready Vocal Mixing Template“​ while it’s on discount for 50% off, click the link here:​

The price will go up when my new course launches on May 15th.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your life easier…

And don’t give up when things are hard…

Because it’s only a matter of time and effort before the hard things become easy.

Soon my jollof rice will be DELICIOUS and effortless!

All the best,

Jay “Send Me Your Jollof Recipes” Cartere

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