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June 19, 2020

Hey, It’s Jay.

I toned down the emails over the holiday period because I wanted a break from working…

(I bet you can relate, right)

I hope you had a great Christmas (or whatever you may/may not celebrate).

Thing is – the time has come to get back to work…

Sure, it’s NYE and most people will be spending today celebrating, getting drunk and not moving any closer to their goals…

Not me. Not this year fam…

Here’s why:

2019 was a pretty bad year for me…

And, that’s a shame because I was really excited about it.

But I didn’t plan to spend the entire year with chronic back pain…

Unfortunately, chronic back pain loves to get in the way of some good ol’ fashioned hard work.

So 2019 has been my least productive year in a while…

For example:

In 2018 I uploaded 407 videos to my YouTube channel.

In 2019 I uploaded only 154 videos… (that’s less than HALF!)

In 2017, I’m pretty sure I uploaded over 600 videos but, I’m not gonna check to confirm it right now.

Point is: 

I spent 2019 at less than half my normal working speed.

So I’m not wasting any time in 2020.

In fact, I’m filming a batch of new videos for you today…on NYE.

Before 2020 has even started, I’m already putting the work in g.

Luckily 2019 was still profitable for me and I could’ve taken 6 months off without seeing a huge dent in my finances…

Wanna know how I did that?

I’ll reveal exactly how in another email, so keep your eyes peeled…

It’s getting a little late now and I should start filming ASAP.

Let’s just say 2020 won’t have a chance to beat me up like 2019 did.

This is the year I get to focus on making music and building my empire…

Everything up until now has been practice for me…

The real show starts soon.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey and I hope you have a great new year!

Whether your spending today working or getting wasted – have a good one!

One more thing:

What are your biggest goals for 2020?

Reply with your answer in an email and I might be able to create some content to help you reach those goals.

Don’t be shy!

Talk soon,

Jay “Back To Work” Cartere


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