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October 3, 2021

​I have an appointment with my dentist today but I’m not going.

I can’t go.


Not because I don’t want to…

But, before I reveal the reason why:

I was supposed to go in to see if my invisalign treatment was ready for the next step…

The finalising and polishing (literally).

Or if I needed to get a few more aligners before my teeth are ready for the final stage…

Unfortunately, I won’t get the answer today.

And, my treatment won’t be finished within a month as I thought…


My dentist went out of business!

And they didn’t even inform their customers!

I only found out because the app I use to scan my teeth emailed me (after I complained) saying they wouldn’t send me scan notifications anymore because my dentist has stopped trading.

Their whole website is shut down and now it’s just one page telling people what to do to try and get a refund…​

This is surprising news to me…

I paid them a pretty penny for this treatment and they seemed like high-quality dentists…

I guess not.

Anyways, you opened this email for mixing secrets not dentist stories, right?

Thing is: 

Mixing your song isn’t so different from my invisalign treatment…

When you’re mixing, you’re getting everything in the right place…

(like my teeth)

Making sure everything is ready before you move onto the final stage.


It’s complicated and intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

(like being a dentist and putting metal things in people’s mouths)

That’s why I made a video for you

In this video, you’ll discover:

What effects are best for mixing vocals?

The effect I use to get ambient, ethereal ad-libs that sound SAUCY

How do you mix a full song with stems?

How do you get the best mix possible? (Hint: your phone will help out a lot!)

And more gems for your headtop…

Click the link below and discover my song mixing secrets now:

All the best,

Jay “Teeth In Limbo” Cartere

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