Get your song ready for spotify

​How do you make sure your song is ready for Spotify (and all other streaming platforms)?


After you’ve recorded your vocal melodies…

You’ve written your song

And you’ve recorded the draft of your song

It’s time to get serious.

If you followed my advice for recording your song draft, you’ll be ready for the next big step.

(if you haven’t watched that video, watch it now:…​)

What’s the next big step?

Recording the final version of your song of course!

Luckily for you, I made a video for you that walks you through my process…

You’ll discover:

– What parts do you need to record for your song?

– How many layers of vocals do you need?

– The best effects I use to get ear-cuddling ad-libs

And more…

Click the link below now:

All the best,

Jay “Spotify-Ready” Cartere


You wanna know this…

I was about to cop some vocal mixing plug-ins today etc. and I realised something great…

Good news for both of us:

Waves have a HUGE sale going on right now.

They’re giving large discounts of over 60%…

But not just that…

They’re also giving away a free plug-in with every 2 plug-ins you buy…

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing some professional-quality mixing plug-ins, now’s the time to act.

This offer’s ending very soon.

Here’s the link to take advantage of this sale:​
Jay Cartere

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