[LIVE] Let me help you

If you want me to help you solve your marketing, music or online business problems and questions, read on.

Here’s the story:

I haven’t gone live in AGES due to my back issues…

But, the thing is:

I really want to go live, regardless.

I wanna help you by answering your questions…

And, I wanna produce a buttload of helpful music production content.

So, at 7PM GMT, I’ll be live streaming while I produce some RnB trap bangers.

This email is to invite you to come hang out.

I’d love to answer your questions and help you out while jamming and having fun making music.

I dunno when I’ll next go live, the last time I went live was MONTHS ago, in JULY…

So I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.

Click the link below, set a reminder, set an alarm on your phone and I’ll see you there:


All the best,

Jay Cartere


Please do NOT come into this stream asking questions about ARK.

All I know about ARK is in the tutorial videos I have already made.

And, the only time I want to answer questions about ARK rn is when they come from paying customers, asking me how to use the products/service they’ve purchased from me.

Jay Cartere

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