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October 12, 2022

​I streamed yesterday and it was the wrong decision…

In this email, I’m gonna give you some insight into how things work on YouTube and how you can make YouTube work for YOU.

Firstly, why was streaming the wrong decision?

Here’s the answer:

  • I skipped editing a video
  • The stream averaged about 2 concurrent viewers
  • It doubled the time it takes me to produce a beat
  • Most people who watched were children

Now, I streamed yesterday because I wanted to hang out with you…

Unfortunately, you didn’t show up.

So I didn’t really get the hangout atmosphere I was going for…

This revealed 2 important things:

1. I haven’t built my music subscriber base enough to stream yet…

2. My time is better spent making more videos

And that’s okay.

It’s better to learn from these things than avoid them because you think it might fail…

Here are some hard stats that prove my point further:

Yesterday’s livestream brought in:

  • 95 views (which is pretty good for the first 24hrs of a new upload for me)
  • 3.5 hours watch time (not bad)

For over 2 hours and 20 minutes of work – not counting the setup time.​

Here’s the interesting part…

My video “How to update FL studio” brought in:

  • 4.3k views (and growing)
  • 179.1 hours watch time (amazing stuff)
  • 48 subscribers

That’s a big difference…

But, the biggest difference is:

This video took me less than 30 minutes of work.

The conclusion?

Strategically, videos are better for me and my channel – no question.

This is true because my videos rank highly and bring in thousands of new views over time.

With basically ZERO promotion.

Because I use SEO…

Wanna learn how you can use this too?

The bonus module of my new “Foolproof Formula For Rnb Trap Production In FL Studio” course will show you EXACTLY how.

You’ll discover how to find the right keyphrase to focus on so you can get more views…

And, you’ll learn the best way to write your titles, descriptions & tags so your video ranks HIGH on YouTube…

That’s only the bonus module.

You get MUCH MORE inside the course…

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Anyway, I wont be livestreaming in the week anytime soon.

I might do it on the weekends if I feel like it, but my time is better spent making more videos…so I’ll probably do that instead.

This email gave you more insight into YouTube and how you can get better results…

Join us inside my new course to learn even more of my secrets:​

All the best,

Jay “More Videos” Cartere

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