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February 13, 2022

‚ÄčAs you know already:

I use FL studio for making beats and recording songs…

I’ve even got a playlist where I show you exactly how I create songs from scratch using FL studio

But, the truth is:

FL studio is NOT the best DAW for recording songs.

It’s great for making beats…

Perfect for beginner producers but…

Recording songs?

You can do it but it obviously ain’t built for that…

So I started looking around for alternative DAWs (only for recording vocals, mixing and mastering songs).

If I still had a Mac I would defo grab Logic Pro X again (I LOVED that DAW).

But all I got is my windows machines these days…

…And the price on a Mac isn’t worth what you get imo.

On PC, there were 2 competitors I had my eyes on:

1. Pro Tools

2. Studio One

Pro Tools is the industry standard. 

Everyone knows about it.

They even taught us how to use Pro Tools when I was in Uni studying music production, but…

Pro Tools is expensive AF.

And, because it’s the industry standard, they don’t really NEED to evolve and upgrade.

They’ve already got a choke hold on the industry…

I watched a bunch of reviews and videos about Pro Tools on YouTube…

Many users basically said that Pro Tools is outdated and the creators (AVID) don’t listen to their customers requests.

On the other hand, I heard the complete opposite about Studio One.

Most people said that Studio One was a DAW of the future…

They said the creators (Presonus) listen to their users and constantly add new features the community asks for.

And Studio One is not nearly as expensive as Pro Tools…

Especially since I already had the “artist” version of Studio One that came with my Presonus Audiobox (I’ve been using this audiobox for over 5 years!)

When you upgrade from the “artist” version (and you NEED to if you want to use third-party plugins) you get a massive discount…about 50% i think…

Something like that.


I sent an email over to the guy I needed to get in touch with at Presonus…

And yesterday I was sent a code to download Studio One for free…

This was the same method I used last year to get FL studio for free…

I’ll reveal the exact steps to you, at some point.

But, I gotta warn you, this won’t work for lazy people…

Or freebie hunters…

The only reason I can get stuff for free is because I made myself valuable.

And I exchange that value for programs, plug-ins and even video games (but now I pay for all my games).

Thing is:

Nobody’s gonna send you free stuff JUST because you asked.

Beggars get ignored and blocked.

There’s one thing you HAVE to do before companies will even consider sending you free stuff.

Can you guess what it is?

You probably wont get it right but there’s good news:

I’ll reveal what this ONE thing is in tomorrow’s email.

I gotta get back to work now…

Before I go, reply to this email and tell me what DAW you use to make music…

All the best,

Jay “Send Me Free Stuff” Cartere


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