How I made my new single

​Today is a special day my g!

Not because it’s Valentine’s day…

That’s simply a holiday designed to make you spend your money on silly things…

I’m surprised that in 2020, people are STILL being duped into buying useless things like “greeting cards”…

(Why buy someone a card they’re just gonna throw away??)

Anyways, there’s another reason that makes today special:

I just released my new songggg!!

And, you can be one of the first people to hear it.

It’s called “Hill”…

It’s about how hard it can be to deal with an on-off relationship…

(my last release was in 2016…so this is gonna be an interesting)

The mix and recording is a little rough…

(I produced, recorded and engineered the entire song)

But, the song’s good, I promise…​

Listen to it now by clicking the link below…then reply to this email and tell me what you think:​

But, that’s not all:

Since I’m not doing any traditional promotion for this single…

I’ve created a video series revealing how to make a song at home, from scratch.

This series will show you the steps I went through to create my latest single “Hill”.

And, the first video in the series is out now…

Click the link below and discover how you can create YOUR next songs from scratch:

All the best,

Jay “More Music Soon” Cartere


If you wanna make music with me, this is how you’ll get me to notice you:

1. Post my music on your social media (tag me so I don’t miss it)

2. Make a song on my beat and email me a link where I can listen to it

I defo won’t dedicate time to work with anyone who doesn’t support my music etc.

But, if you’re a go-getter and I like your music, I’ll reply and see what’s up…​

Jay Cartere

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