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November 24, 2021

Yoo, how you doing?

It’s Thursday again, my favourite day of the week​…

Because, this is my dedicated “music day”.

Where I focus on creating music without worrying about anything else.

It’s super freeing!

You should give yourself your own “music day” if you don’t have one already!

It’s also the day where I finish my workouts for the week.

So, I feel accomplished and ready to enjoy my days of getting up in the mornings and not working out…

Which then ends up with me getting the urge to work out and we start the cycle again on Monday.

It’s very important to create a schedule that works for YOU…

Especially when you’re not at work – like if a pandemic hits…

Or if it’s the weekend.

Or when you get home from work.

Thing is:

Adding more structure to your life helps you get more done.

And it doesn’t have to all be work stuff, you can create structure for fun stuff too!

You can schedule time to play PS4, time to binge some anime etc.

Scheduling the fun stuff gives you something to look forward to.

I’m a weirdo that looks forward to work and progress, so I mostly structure that stuff.

I must admit:

I’m winging it when it comes to “having fun”…

But I take breaks, I rest.

I watch an episode or 2 of “Modern Family” or “Baki” when I feel like I need it…

I haven’t played PS4 in weeks but, I know Imma load that thang up when that new “Ghost Of Tsushima” drops next month!

And Imma take a whole week off to play “Cyberpunk 2077” (whenever that drops)!

My goal right now is to get better at making music…

I LOVE listening to my new songs and being like “wow, I made this from NOTHING“…

The process of finally creating something that feels right, is priceless.

So I get most of my fun from making music…

And, if making music isn’t fun for you…you gotta fix that!

If you don’t enjoy making music then what’s the point, right?


I’ve started posting on Instagram again since last week.

There’s some cool stuff. Some peeks into my brain and that.

Also, you can get raw insight into my life by watching my Instagram stories.

Do you wanna see how I do all this?

How I make music?

How I run my businesses?

My day to day life?

If your answer is “yes”…

Then, follow me on Instagram now, the link’s below:

(all my social media @s are: JayCartere)

Talk soon,

Jay “Music Day” Cartere


Do you have a music day?

If not, are you gonna set one for yourself?

Reply to this email and tell me!

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