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June 3, 2020

COPPA is coming to YouTube in full-effect on January 1st 2020.

If you haven’t got your business in order, the new year is gonna be HELL for your YouTube channel.


Your adsense income cut in half…

Your comments section closed down…

Getting a $42,530 fine for checking the wrong box…

That’s what’s waiting for you around the corner if you don’t understand COPPA on YouTube properly.

But, that’s not all:

Right now, there are a bunch of videos on YouTube with BAD information about COPPA.

With WRONG information…

With misleading information…

Because some people care about getting views more than giving you the information you need…

But, here’s the good news:

As you know, I care about the FACTS…

And, I care about giving you the best opportunity to be a Digital Art Dealer.

Recently, I was sent an email asking me to cover the whole COPPA issue and answer what it REALLY means for creators and YouTubers like you and me.

So I did some research and I created a video for you that answers the most important questions you have about COPPA on YouTube.

And, I’ve also kept this very simple, straight-forward and easy to understand…

By the end of watching this video, you’ll discover the answer to:

  • What is COPPA exactly and how will it affect you?
  • Who are “kids” exactly?
  • Is your content is “made for kids”?
  • What does “made for kids” mean?
  • Is your content safe from COPPA?
  • Is this the end of all YouTube gaming channels? (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to avoid a $42,530 fine from the FTC
  • Why making content for kids can make you lose 52% of your adsense revenue overnight…

And more…

All you have to do is click the link below now:

This is some of the most important information you NEED to know if you’re gonna be using YouTube in 2020…so don’t miss this one – it’s NOT optional.

If you don’t understand this properly, you WILL be one of the competitive complainers crying because you’re making WAY less money from YouTube next year.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

All the best,

Jay “Don’t Make Videos For Kids” Cartere


If you skip this video, you’ll only have yourself to blame when COPPA and the YouTube algorithm team up to beat your YouTube channel into a bloody pulp.

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