Why most artist websites suck

​Good morning fam! It’s the first day of 2020 and time to get to WORK… First up, if you don’t have a website then 2020 is gonna be another wack year for you… But, a website isn’t gonna magically save you from all your problems (that’s not how it works). Your website is your own piece of internet […]

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My plans for 2020 – what are yours?

Hey, It’s Jay. I toned down the emails over the holiday period because I wanted a break from working… (I bet you can relate, right) I hope you had a great Christmas (or whatever you may/may not celebrate). Thing is – the time has come to get back to work… Sure, it’s NYE and most people will be spending […]

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How to record your own song at home

​You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your next song… I know renting studio time can get mad expensive… But there’s an alternative… Regardless, you should record a draft version of your songs before even thinking about renting studio time. This way, you save money, use your time more effectively and create […]

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Free Post Malone type beats for life

2019 is almost over. December is here and in full swing… But, there’s still time to upgrade your skills and make amazing music. I usually take December off, since it’s the holiday season AND my birthday’s very close… This year I’m still gonna work, but I’ll take it a lil easier. It’s a mini-break. This means: No daily […]

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COPPA on YouTube explained for you

COPPA is coming to YouTube in full-effect on January 1st 2020. If you haven’t got your business in order, the new year is gonna be HELL for your YouTube channel. Imagine: Your adsense income cut in half… Your comments section closed down… Getting a $42,530 fine for checking the wrong box… That’s what’s waiting for […]

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Why most people fail in life

“​The second attempt at anything hard will be much easier. Not a little but by A LOT.” – Bond Halbert, The Boron Letters ​I used to be TERRIBLE at everything I’m good at right now: Video Editing Marketing Online Business Music Production (still in the process of mastering this one) Rapping Teaching Being on camera […]

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Download this free acoustic guitar vst

​This is gonna be a quick email because my back is killing me and I have videos to film today… But, that doesn’t mean this email won’t be value-packed… In fact, I’m sure you’re tired of all the sales promotions at this point right? Well, here’s the thing: You can download a FREE acoustic guitar […]

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download free trap beats

FREE DOWNLOAD: Create Your Next Hit Song With 5 Of My BEST RnB Trap Beats