[Video] Why hard work, works…

Competitive complainers love to complain that they “deserve” more because they’ve worked hard… ​But, that’s not how the world works… This can lead some people to thinking that hard work doesn’t get results… They’re wrong. Hard work, WORKS…every single time. The thing is: It might not work the way you want to or expect… And, you’ve likely been mislead about what […]

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How smart creatives make more money than you

​Being broke isn’t cool… Being broke isn’t funny… Being broke is SHITTY… I was broke for most of my life, and without a doubt: being able to afford things is 10000x better. Don’t listen to ANYONE who wants you to be proud of being a “starving artist”… That’s nothing to be proud of. You need to make money to […]

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What’s best for YOU?

Do you wanna know something interesting? Of course you do! So, here it is: Whenever you make a change in your life, you’ll find people to complain about it. So, do what you WANT TO DO! That’s right. Competitive complainers STILL complain about me not playing ARK anymore… And, I stopped making ARK videos over 8 months […]

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You wont avoid disappointment

​If you read yesterday’s email, then you know I had an appointment with a physiotherapist (finally)… What you don’t know, is it did NOT go to plan… Which was very disappointing but, honestly, I expected this because that’s what I usually get from the NHS… A big dose of disappointment. Here’s the thing: When I booked the appointment […]

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[Video] Why college is a scam

I finally have my appointment with a physiotherapist today! As you know, I’ve been having issues with back pain etc. So, this is VERY good news… Hopefully, I’ll return home with a rehab plan and knowledge of what I can and can’t do… That should help me heal my back/shoulder quicker and get back to working on […]

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Change is good sometimes

In the past few weeks, I’ve started playing video games again… Mostly because of health issues that prevent me from working as much as I’d like to… (Explained more in the video below.) But, I’m not gonna moan about playing more video games… I would’ve WISHED to have this opportunity a few years ago! Here’s the interesting […]

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How Jay-Z’s selfishness helps others…

​If you think being selfish is a bad thing, you’re WRONG… I’m sure you’ve been told how terrible it is to be selfish… how you should aim to be a selfless beacon of love and prosperity… That’s great stuff. Really great… But, the interesting thing is: Being selfish is actually the best way to become selfless and generous… How? […]

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[Video] Why you’re going to fail

​Failure. Most people try to avoid failure at all costs… But the weird thing is: Failure increases your chances of success… And, avoiding failure will do more harm than good in the long run. But, that’s not all: There’s a reason why you WILL fail, whether you like it or not. We all will. Why? […]

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