YouTube Marketing Campaign: ARKPS4Servers

I managed the video SEO and YouTube content marketing for ARKPS4Servers from the conception of the business.

Keyword Research:

  • Conducted keyword research and customer research to identify the target audience’s most asked questions with low competition & high search volume
  • Conducted market research to identify competitor's high performing content and content lacking effective SEO optimisation
  • Used keyword and market research data to target keywords and content ideas based on likelihood of ranking success

Optimised Video Titles, Descriptions & Tags:

  • Created titles including targeted keyword
  • Created tags including targeted and related keywords
  • Created descriptions including targeted and related keywords
  • Added persuasive copy + links to products in descriptions, cards and end screens.

Content Creation:

  • Wrote, filmed and edited 96 SEO optimised tutorial videos answering target audience’s questions while promoting ARKPS4servers products
  • Wrote, filmed and edited product tutorial videos explaining how to use the product - for use on product sales pages to increase trust and reduce customer support requests

Designed YouTube Thumbnails:

  • Researching video thumbnails of competitors on YouTube
  • Planning and designed thumbnails for YouTube videos 



  • Generated 3,767,919+ views across the 96 targeted videos on YouTube


  • Achieved ranking on the first page of google for search term: “ARK ps4 servers”
  • Achieved ranking #2 on google for the search term: “ark ps4 server code”
  • Achieved ranking #1 for multiple tutorial videos on YouTube
  • Achieved ranking on the front page on YouTube for multiple tutorial videos


  • Generated thousands of likes across YouTube videos
  • Generated thousands of comments across YouTube videos
  • Replied to comments answering questions and engaging with commenters to build community


  • Achieved email subscription opt-in rate of 36.34% and 51.31%.
  • Achieved a 9.4% sales conversion rate (average e-commerce conversion rate - 2.5% - 3%)


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