Website Design + Conversion Optimisation: Jay Cartere

I created a sales conversion optimised website for my personal brand Jay Cartere.

Website Design:

  • Created logo & product images
  • Setup E-commerce functionality
  • Optimised website for mobile devices
  • Used testimonials across website to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates

Sales Page Copy:

  • Used testimonials to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates
  • Wrote long-form persuasive sales pages for higher-priced courses and books
  • Written easy-to-understand product descriptions communicating benefits and features of the product offered

Web Copy:

  • Wrote hundreds of blog posts in multiple niches
  • Wrote both in-depth blog posts and short skimmable posts
  • Repurposed twitter threads into emails and short blog posts
  • Repurposed email newsletters into blog posts and twitter threads
  • Wrote easy-to-understand copy clearly communicating benefits and instructions to customers in a conversational and welcoming tone

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