Website Design + Conversion Optimisation: ARKPS4Servers

I created a sales conversion optimised website for ARKPS4Servers.

Website Design:

  • Created logo & product images
  • Setup server listing functionality
  • Setup E-commerce functionality
  • Optimised website for mobile devices
  • Used testimonials across website to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates
  • Used an individual sales landing page focused strategy instead of common e-commerce setup to boost conversions 

Sales Page Copy:

  • Used testimonials to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates
  • Wrote easy-to-understand product descriptions communicating benefits and features of the product offered
  • Included video tutorials explaining how to use the product on each product page to increase trust and reduce customer support requests
  • Used customer support requests to add in-depth information of what’s included in the product to prevent accidental orders, help customers make a fully informed purchase and reduce customer support requests

Web Copy:

  • Wrote easy-to-understand copy clearly communicating benefits and instructions to customers in a conversational and welcoming tone



  • Achieved ranking on the first page of google for search term: “ARK ps4 servers” with minimal blog content (28 blog posts)
  • Achieved ranking  #2 for the search term: “ark ps4 server codes”


  • Achieved email subscription opt-in rates of 36.34% and 51.31%
  • Achieved a 9.4% sales conversion rate (average e-commerce conversion rate = 1.84%, Top 10% conversion rate = 6.26%)

Customer Service:

  • Adding product tutorials to sales pages reduced customer service inquiries by 84%


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