Twitter Copywriting: Jay Cartere

I managed Twitter copywriting for my personal brand Jay Cartere since creation of the profile.

Optimising Twitter Bio To Increase Follower Conversions:

  • Created a bio clearly communicating the benefits of following me -  targeted at skinny-fat men  wanting to lose fat and build muscle at home without strict dieting
  • Created a profile picture that stands out and immediately communicates my fitness niche
SEO and conversion optimised twitter bio and profile name

Optimising Twitter Pinned Tweet To Increase Follower Conversions & Demonstrate Authority:

  • Wrote a thread detailing my fitness story and sharing fitness advice. This thread gained over 1 million impressions. This thread showcases my story and expertise - converting profile viewers into followers

Writing Engaging Tweets To Increase Interaction:

  • Conducted market research to determine the content my target audience was most interested in
  • Wrote easy-to-read informative and emotion triggering tweets about fitness to drive engagement
  • Wrote easy-to-read informative threads about fitness to build new authority

Writing Informative Tweets & Threads To Grow Audience & Build  Authority:

  • Wrote informative threads in an easy-to-read, digestible format native to twitter

Writing promotional tweets:

  • Wrote easy to read and curiosity-inducing promotional tweets to drive traffic to webpages or content



  • Generated 295,400,000+ impressions across tweets
  • Achieved 37,015.2% increase in impressions


  • Achieved 89k retweets
  • Achieved 4.3 Million likes
  • Achieved 69.2k link clicks
  • Achieved 61.5k comments
  • Achieved 2.4% engagement rate


  • Gained 8.4k followers (9172.16% increase compared to the previous 90 day period)

Website clicks:

  • Achieved 746.98% increase in monthly traffic


  • Achieved 3.7% profile view to follower conversion rate


Twitter Profile:

How I got 4.5k Twitter followers in 69 days [Case Study]:

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