EP 8: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be A Hater – The Jay Cartere Show

You shouldn’t be a hater. And not just because being a hater is a waste of your time and energy, not simply because spending your time hating on people is a sad thing to do and does nothing but spread negativity but because being a hater actually has the opposite effect that you want it to have. Cringy people say things like “I love my haters” and “haters make me successful” but there is a lot of truth to the latter statement. If you spend your time hating on someone you dislike, you are likely helping promote them and bringing more eyeballs to the thing that you hate. You are basically an unpaid, resentful promoter.

Most of these social networks have algorithms that favor individuals or businesses that get a lot of interaction – whether that interaction is positive or negative doesn’t really matter. If you want someone to fail then, aside from looking in the mirror and evaluating what the hell is wrong with you, you should ignore that person completely.

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