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The Tinie Tempah Vs Chip Beef Summary [@TinieTempah @OfficialChip]

If you’re confused regarding the grime ‘beef’ between Tinie Tempah and Chip, these videos should give you more than enough context and backstory to understand what actually happened.

This is where it all started according to Chip:

Then Chip came to drop a Fire In The Booth, a year after Tinie’s one, and this happened:

This led to a variety of people responding, but the person who capitalised the most off this situation was the Manchester MC Bugzy Malone:

Big Narstie also had something to add: 

Chip then released the Pepper Riddem

To which Devilman replied to in disses directed at both Skepta and Chip.

That resulted in Skepta releasing this song, which seems to be sending for Devilman with a sly dig at Chip also:

Bugzy Malone capitalised even further on this situation by releasing this diss track: 

Chip released his song The End as his last diss track in this whole debacle:

Other songs were released after, but thus ends the musical beef timeline. Tinie Tempah however, finally spoke on the situation in this interview:

And Chip voiced some more opinions in this interview with Sian Anderson:

Who do you think started this ‘beef’? Do you think it’s good or bad for the UK urban music scene? Do you think anyone in particular is in the wrong?

Comment below and let’s discuss!

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