February 20, 2022

​Selling music is a thing of the past.

It’s definitely not the same as it used to be anyway…

In 2018, 70% of all digital music revenue in Europe was from paid subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music.​

That number’s going up every year.

So streaming is the obvious way to make money from your songs, right?

What about the not-so-obvious money-making opportunities?

That’s what you got me for, right?

Here’s the sauce:

When you create your own beats and songs from scratch…

You’re actually creating a bunch of valuable products in your DAW.

What are these valuable products?

Your MIDI data.

Your MIDI data includes:

  • Chords
  • Melodies
  • Counter Melodies
  • Hi Hat Patterns
  • Kick Patterns
  • 808 Patterns

And more…but the ones above are the most valuable, because…

For artists or producers starting out, using your MIDI can help them make music fast and easily.

Those listed above are the main elements of a beat/song…

Artists and producers can use your MIDI as a starting point or building blocks to create their own songs/beats…

It’s time to let your work, work for you…

And, it’s easy to do…

But first, you need to know how to export ​and save your midi files.

The video linked below will walk you through it step by step…

And, I’ll reveal a business gem you can use too.

Click the link below now:


Wanna discover EXACTLY how to make your own beats from scratch?

With a foolproof-formula that works every time?

This’ll help you create better midis, faster…

Making you more money.

But most importantly:

This will give you the formula you need to take control of your music career…

Making your own beats is the first step to releasing your own single without sitting around anxious, waiting for other people to get back to you.

And, in this coronavirus crisis – being able to create your own music from scratch at home could save your life…

It’s safer than going to a studio (where countless other people pass through everyday, touching stuff, where the pop shield has years of germs and viruses partying, ready to jump into your throat while you perform)…

It’s safer than meeting up with a producer…

But not only that:

You don’t have to wait on anybody…

You have creative control…

You are in charge…

Find out more here:


About the author 

Jay Cartere

Who is Jay Cartere?

It's a long story, but I'm going to make it short because I respek your time...

I'm a producer, rapper, singer and creative entrepreneur from London.

My musical journey started in 2007 when I decide to spit some lyrics to a grime beat... through a laptop.

That's right, no mic or anything - I was spitting DIRECTLY into the laptop cuz.

It's safe to say things have changed since then...

But, that's not all:

The journey has never been easy...I had to put my entrepreneurial mind to work and figure this stuff out.

I taught myself how to record and engineer my music.

I also had to learn how to film and edit music videos.

How to market, promote, sell and build a business.

Poverty gave me the pressure I needed to develop these skills...

Now I'm gonna share those skills with you...

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