These Are The tools that i use to Make And Produce my Music


These are the tools and services that I use to produce, record and engineer my music.

Let's start with the templates I use for every beat and song I create...

guitar trap beat mixing template for fl studio
Template File

Guitar Trap Beat Mixing Template For FL Studio

This is the template I've been using to make ALL my guitar trap beats...

Before using this template, it used to take me a while to get my guitars sounding perfect and mix and master my beats to a professional standard.

When I use this template, my beats are half-mixed before I even get to the mixing stage!

Now mixing & mastering my beats takes MINUTES.

This is perfect for speeding up your music production workflow!

sl studio beat mixing template
Template File

RnB Trap Beat Mixing Template For FL Studio

This is the template I use every time I open up FL studio...

Before using this template, it used to take me at least an hour to mix and master my beats to a professional standard.

When I use this template, my beats are half-mixed before I even get to the mixing stage!

Now mixing & mastering my beats takes MINUTES.

This is perfect for speeding up your music production workflow!

fl studio vocal mixing template
Template File

Spotify-Ready Vocal Mixing Secrets Template

This is the template I use to record all my songs.

It has all the vocal effects I need like Auto-tune, EQ, compression, reverb and more!

Everything is set to the right levels so I don't have to do much when it get's to the mixing stage.

This lets me record my vocals and hear what the finished product will sound like IMMEDIATELY.

The best part is:

Everything's half-mixed before I even get to the mixing stage.

Time saver? You bet.

I don't have to spend hours mixing or do a bunch of trial and error to get my songs Spotify-Ready anymore...

This template does all the work for me!

how to make a rnb trap beat in fl studio
Video Course

Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio

This video course includes the template or "foolproof formula" I use to produce beats for my own songs.

Following this formula gives me the keys to take control of my own music career and stop being held hostage by producers and my budget.

Because of this formula, I can turn an idea into a single on Spotify and I don't need anyone's help.

I don't need to pay any producers.

I don't need to wait for anyone to send me the stems I asked for 3 weeks ago...

I don't need to rely on anyone but myself.

That's powerful.

Now you can use my formula too.

Click the button below for more info...


These are the tools and services that I use to make and produce my music.

Let's start with all the physical equipment...

rode nt1a condenser microphone

Rode NT1A

If you're serious about your audio quality you should grab this mic.

I've recorded a bunch of songs, videos and podcasts with this mic and it's absolutely amazing.

This mic has served me well for YEARS at this point...I can HIGHLY recommend it.

Presonus AudioBox USB audio interface
Audio Interface

Presonus AudioBox USB 

This audio interface works perfectly with the Rode NT1A mic...

It's affordable and it's still working for me after more than 5 years.

Audio Interface

Presonus Studio 24c

This audio interface is the one I use now after I decided I deserved a lil upgrade...

It's better than the last one because I NEVER get any feedback even if my mic and speakers are on. That's a small thing but it saves me a lot of time switching the mic off and on...

Also, I don't get any recording glitches using this and I have great options of buffering speeds when I wanna record.

It's worth the upgrade and I highly recommend it!

budget mic stand
Microphone Stand

Tiger boom Mic stand

This is a cheap ass mic stand that gets the job done.

I've copped a few of don't be surprised if your mic stand breaks after a couple years...

But, for this price...there's no better option!

Microphone Stand

Rode desk mic stand

This mic stand can be mounted on your desk.

This is what I use to record audio for videos, podcasts and songs...

You can use this stand to record your own songs while sitting down etc.

But, if you are planning on charging others to use your studio etc. - you will need to grab the standing mic stand I listed above.


Behringer HPS3000

I bought these headphones on a yearly basis before I got my new wireless headphones.

These headphones did their job...but they stopped working after a year.

Since these headphones are SO CHEAP, buying them every year isn't a bad deal.


Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I use these headphones everyday...

They sound great, they're wireless and they're easy to use.

Of course, these are wayyy more expensive than the wired headphones above...

But, my hope is that these will last MUCH longer...

Since I haven't had these headphones for over a year...I can't really speak to that.

These are great affordable wireless headphones if you're tryna get rid of wires and that.

Audio-Technica studio headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Professional Headphones - Black

These are the headphones I use for mixing, recording, engineering and all of the above.

Since my PC doesn't have bluetooth - this is are the BEST headphones for me to work with...

The headphones came with a variety of wires, so I could pick the best one for my situation.

The sound quality is great and I have no complaints yet...


Behringer Monitor Speakers

These are the first monitor speakers I've ever bought...

They were extremely affordable, and they've lasted YEARS so I can confidently recommend them.

I think the audio is pretty great but, I haven't really compared these speakers to any other monitor take that how you will.

These are great monitor speakers to start out with...but if you're an audiophile and you got cash to may want to do some deeper research.

Midi Keyboard

Behringer U-Control UMX610 61-Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard

This is the big ass keyboard I mainly use.

You'll love this if you have ANY music theory knowledge and you want to be able to play melodies and chords.

I got this keyboard because it was affordable and gave me space to experiment on the 61 keys.

Midi Keyboard

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 II, Compact Portable 32-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller

This is a great keyboard to use for some late night producing in bed.

It's also great for travelling... because it's small and compact...

Acoustic Foam

Pro Acoustic Foam Wedge Tiles

These are good for catching sound reflections etc.

Honestly, I feel like my recordings sound the same with and without em but I'm not an expert in audio treating.

I would suggest you get acoustic foam LAST as it's not that essential compared to everything else.

The Book I Wrote

How To Make A Song At Home

Did you know I was an author?


This was my first book and it walks you through the exact steps I used to produce and make songs at home in Logic Pro X.

I'm actually going to quickly read through this again as it has a lot of my secret sauce and mixing settings.

I assume that this book is a lil outdated by now...

But, the main concepts and methods should work FOREVER.


You'll find all the software and VSTs I use to produce my music below...


FL Studio 20

I'm currently using FL studio for all my music production needs...

It's working out AMAZINGLY...

I suggest getting the signature edition of FL studio because it comes with Newtone and a variety of useful plug-ins.

studio one 4

Studio One

I use studio one to record and master all my songs.

And it's AMAZING!

It's intuitive, it's fast, it's smooth.

I honestly can't believe how great this DAW is for recording vocals...

However, I recently switched over from recording my vocals in FL studio which is a TERRIBLE experience so that may be making Studio One seem even more awesome.

Either way, FL studio is perfect for music production. Studio One is perfect for recording your vocals...

You can also use Studio One to produce your songs. There are some pretty interesting features like a chord chart thingy etc... but I haven't used Studio One for that at all so I can't comment on it.

If you wanna record your songs in the smoothest, easiest way - use Studio One.

I can't recommend it enough. This DAW is a hidden gem.

logic pro x download

Logic Pro X

I used to use Logic Pro X to produce and make all my music...

Then my macbook stopped working, so we changed sides b!

However, Logic Pro X is a GREAT DAW and I can highly recommend it.

spectrasonics omnisphere 2
Synth VST


Omnisphere has a HUGE collection of sounds and synths for you to use in your music...

I'm enjoying exploring all the presets available in here and I don't think I'll run out of them any time soon!

However, this is PRICEY!

spectrasonics keyscape
Synth VST


Keyscape gives you access to a large number of pianos and keyboard presets...

I honestly haven't used it that much yet so I don't have much to say about it...

output exhale
Synth VST


Exhale give you access to a variety of vocals that help add atmosphere to your track...

There are also a bunch of loops and splices that you can use to create the core of a beat too.

Ample guitar m
Synth VST

Ample Guitar M

Wanna make guitar beats?

Then THIS is the plugin you need!

It sounds like a beautiful acoustic guitar and I use it for ALL my guitar beats now.

I absolutely LOVE this VST!

Synth VST

Kontakt 6 Player

I use Kontakt player because it's NEEDED to use the Exhale VST listed above.

That's pretty much all I gotta say about that.

auto tune pro
Insert VST

Auto-Tune Pro

You know what auto-tune is...

I LOVE this because it makes it seem like I can sing (I can't) 

izotope neutron 3
Insert VST

Izotope Neutron 3

Neutron 3 makes mixing your songs faster and easier...

The mix assistant A.I can automatically set the initial levels for your song.

Then you can use the visual mixer to fully mix your song and SEE where everything sits in the mix.

You can add a few finishing touches like EQ etc.

I LOVE this.

Insert VST

Izotope Ozone 9

Ozone 9 is a plug-in that will help you master your songs WAY faster.

Even with JUST using the presets that come with the plug-in, you can easily get a GREAT sounding, loud song in minutes.

izotope nectar 3
Insert VST

Izotope Nectar 3

Nectar 3 comes with every effect you need to mix your vocals at home...





And more.

Nectar 3 gives you a complete vocal chain so you can mix your vocal entirely with ONE plugin...

And that's not all:

With Nectar 3's "Vocal Assistant", you can use Nectar's AI to automatically mix your vocals and make them fit in your beat.

I use a few of the modules from Nectar 3 to fill different parts of my vocal chain...

I highly recommend this plugin for anyone who wants to make mixing their vocals EASY and save buckets of time.

abletunes rvrb
Insert VST

AbleTunes RVRB

This is an amazing reverb plugins that helps me dial in the perfect reverb for my beats and songs...

What more is there to say?

half speed rhythym plugin
Effect VST


This plug-in is GREAT for getting more bang for your buck out of your melodies...

I use this plug-in to enhance my beats and find interesting variations on my melodic sections...

Effect VST


This plug-in is perfect for adding more warmth to your melodies and making your instruments sound like samples...

I use this plug-in to enhance my melodies, pads and melodic elements.

xo plugin
Organisation VST


This plug-in helps you organise your drum samples by sound and grab them straight from their interface. You can also sequence your beat and select from a bunch of beat sequence presets...

I use this plug-in to find my drum samples quickly without scraping through a bunch of folders.

I drag the samples into FL's drum sequencer and get cracking.

izotope vocal synth 2 plugin
Insert VST

Izotope Vocal Synth 2

This plugin is perfect for spicing up background vocals and adlibs...

Guess what I use it for?

That's spice up my background music and adlibs!

I also use it to add layers to my choruses.

But it can be used for much more...

Need a vocoder effect? Done.

Wanna sound like a robot? Easy.

With this plugin, you can mangle your voice into interesting combinations and come up with unique sounds that make your music stand out.

izotope stutter edit 2
Insert VST

Izotope Stutter Edit 2

This plugin is perfect for spicing up your melodies and vocals...

I like to use it for pads mostly...

Sometimes I'll add it to my main melody but I usually prefer to have it in the background to give my beats an extra oomph!

waves plugins
Insert VST

Waves Plugins

I use a bunch of waves plugins to mix my music.

They have some of the best mixing plugins and you should defo cop a bundle or 2.

Their plugins are super easy to use, helping you get a great sound in a few clicks!

The current waves plugins I use are:

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links that let you help support me at no extra cost to you, in fact, many of these links may give you a discount!